Mini Dungeons: Zelda A Link Between Worlds Guide

This guide shows you how to get through the mini dungeons of Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.
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A new feature in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds is the mini-dungeon. Mini dungeons are side dungeons that don’t take up much time, but still requires puzzle solving to get the prize. I’ll go over how to complete each mini dungeon that I meet. Refer to my World link guide if you don’t know where one is or my Guide to all Guides for the locations of anything else.

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Hyrule Mini Dungeons

Eastern Palace Area
  • Underground west of Eastern Palace entrance.
    • Wall merge through the bars, then drop down.
    • Shift between each elevating wall as they go up until you reach the chest.

Reward: 100 rupees

Hyrule Castle Area
  • Cave northeast of Hyrule Castle. Use bomb to get in.
    • Merge into the moving wall, then move to the eastern platform.
    • Merge through the crack, then head north. Merge through the crack on the southern wall, then move west to the platform.
    • Merge through the crack, then head south.
    • Merge through the crack to the other side, then go to the platform with the switch. It activates a moving platform that lets you reach the chest.
    • Get on the moving platform south, then hit both orbs to activate two smaller moving platforms.
    • Get on either of them, then get on the platform it takes you to.
    • Wall merge to the north until you reach a small platform.
    • Get on the moving platform to reach the chest.

Reward: 100 rupees.

Death Mountain
  • Far east of the Tower of Hera.
    • Use the hookshot on the brown wall north of the entrance, then wall merge when you reach it.
    • Head around, then up the stairs. Hookshot merge into the northern wall, then go on the platform when it is heading west.
    • Merge with the west wall, then go north to the platform. Use the hookshot to pull the northern lever.
    • Get on the platform, then hookshot merge to the northern wall.
    • Head up the stairs, then wall merge south to a platform to the middle.
    • Hookshot merge to the western wall, head west, and exit on the moving platform to reach the chest.

Reward: 100 rupees.


Lorule Mini Dungeons 

Middle Area 
  • Northwest of Vacant house. This mini dungeon is all about dashing and timing.
    • Go west one screen, then north until you reach the top trees with grass around it.

    • Cut the grass, then drop down the hole.
    • Head west when you get in, then hit the switch.
    • Immediately dash north up the stairs, then pull back on the control stick to stop before falling off.
    • Hit the next switch, dash right, then pull left on the stick before falling. Immediately dash south, then pull up after passing the bars.
    • Hit the next switch, dash left, then pull right. Quickly dash north up the stairs, then pull back. Finally, dash right and pull left as you pass the final bars.
    • Follow the path around to a big chest.

Reward: 300 rupees

The key is to know where you have to get to next, then dash and stop as soon as possible.

Desert Palace Area
  • East of world link that is east of Desert Palace. You need the sand rod and tornado rod to complete it
    • Go east from the world link, then north into a cave.
    • Step on all the switches on the ground. One of them is in the northeast. Go to the southeast, then wall merge north to get to it. This will activate the fan to the west.
    • Go to the middle area, where the chest is, then north.
    • Form sand pillars to the north wall. Make sure it goes back far enough for the wind to blow you to one.
    • Use the tornado rod under the wind to get blown on the sand pillars, then head north to the platform.

    • Go east and follow the path around until you past the fan. Wall merge to the south and step on the switch to activate the fan.
    • Go back to the middle and up to the north platform. Form sand pillars to the south, then quickly move east and around to the fan.
    • Use the tornado rod to get pushed to the sand pillars, then move north to reach the chest.

Reward: 300 rupees.

If you have any questions, or know of any mini dungeons not listed here, let me know in the comments!

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