MMO Survival Guide – Chapter One… “In the Beginning”

Part 1 of a beginner's guide to MMO's! How to choose your MMO and suggested MMO's!
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In this series of articles I will be putting together a survival guide of sorts… No, not how to make a fire if you get stuck in the wilderness, but a guide to an equally as daunting task: playing MMOs.

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Now before I start preaching away, I guess I should give you some reason as to why I believe I can help the individuals that are new to MMOs. I have played MMOs for a long time; 7+ years in fact. Over that time I have experienced just about every facet of the genre, from nerve shredding boss fights, to sleep-inducing farming, all of which I have figured out (on the most part) on my own.

There are a few things that the MMO “virgin” needs to understand before they jump into this genre…

  • MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) is a prefix that is most commonly put before RPG (Role Playing Game) but not exclusively so. It being Massively Multiplayer Online means you will be in direct contact with other players at almost all times. If you are unsociable and wish to play alone, there are work arounds, but you should maybe reconsider your choice in genre.
  • MMOs are notoriously time consuming; don’t expect to get far if you don’t have time to throw at the game.
  • MMOs can work out to be very expensive, especially if there is a real money cash shop involved.
  • It’s always better to start with a friend!

Right, now all of that is out of the way lets start on your first big decision! What game should you play?

Some of you would answer with “PLAY ALL THE GAMES,” but that just isn’t ideal, especially with some games requiring subscription fees. What this question really boils down to is: do you like swords and magic or Sci-Fi? Nearly all MMOs can fit into these 2 brackets.

If you answered “I WANT TO BATTER YOU AROUND THE FACE WITH MY SHIELD!” then there are a few mainstream MMOs that will give you a good start into the genre.

  • The first and most obvious would be World of Warcraft. Sadly this game has a shed full of bad stigma attached to it, but is genuinely a very good game. It is the measuring stick to which all other MMOs are compared. Requires a subscription to play.
  • Rift; this is slightly more advanced than World of Warcraft, but a savage contender none the less. Currently requires a subscription but will be going Free-To-Play soon (June 12th!).
  • Tera; very different to Rift and World of Warcraft, as it has a “Action based combat system”, which is something more akin to a normal RPG. Graphically impressive MMO, but not a game to be played around your parents–the females tend to wear very little. Currently Free to Play.
  • Guild Wars 2, another very good MMO. Combo based combat. Free to play.
  • There are MANY more fantasy MMOs out there, give it a Google if none of these 3 tickle your fancy.

If you answered with a resounding “Pfft, your sword will be no match for my super laser of fiery doom!” then there are some, though not as many, for you too!

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: what can I say, it’s Star Wars. You get to clonk people around the head with a light saber. This game currently runs a free-to-play (with restrictions) and a subscription based (with benefits) method.
  • EVE Online. Now, this is slightly different. A very in depth and advanced game, much less of an RPG and much more of a simulation. If piloting gargantuan ships makes you giggle with glee, this is for you, though beware the steep learning curve! Currently offers a subscription bases but you can purchase game time with in game currency.
  • Defiance: a breakthrough game as it runs along side a TV series on Syfy. More of a MMOTPS (Third Person Shooter). Free to play.

Once you have picked you destination MMO, you will be ready to take the next step and enter the world you chose! Character creation dos and don’ts to follow in chapter 2!

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