Monster Hunter Now: How to Beat Diablos

Looking for that Full Diablo armor set? Here's how to beat Diablos!

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Diablos are ginormous armored wyverns in Monster Hunter Now. If you want the Diablo Armor set, you’ll have to defeat quite a few of them. These formidable creatures can only be found in Desert Zones, which are marked in yellow on the map. The problem is, they’re even harder to defeat than to find. In this guide, we’ll go over how to beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Now

How to Beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Now

These Tyrants of the Desert focus on dealing physical damage and are only weak to ice attacks. If you don’t have any weapons with an ice ability, make sure your weapon has a high attack. Diablos have a high defense rating because of their armored plating, so a Long Sword or Hammer will do the most damage.

Diablos Attacks

Their attacks are fast and have a wide range, so if you’re not comfortable with slower attacks, swords can work as well. Here’s a list of their attacks:

  • Sweeping attacks with its tail and horns. 
  • A sideways charge and a forward charge.
  • Diving under the ground and coming back up with a charge attack. 

For the sweeping attacks, you’ll want to dodge backward. For the sideways charge, move to the side in the opposite direction of the attack. When it dives underground, dodge constantly around the field until you see where it emerges. After it attacks, there are short windows of opportunity where it will be vulnerable to attack. Be patient and choose your strikes.

That’s how beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Now. Remember you can only find them in Desert areas, and that you should equip a weapon with high attack and an ice element for extra damage. You’ll soon be a pro at killing Diablos to get the entire armor set! For more tips and tricks, including a full monsters list, head over to our MH Now guides page.

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