Complete your submarine collection with the Economic Stimulation quest in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: Economic Stimulation Quest Guide

Complete your submarine collection with the Economic Stimulation quest in Monster Hunter Rise.

The second and final Argosy request in Monster Hunter Rise, Economic Stimulation gives you access to a third submarine and the ability to passively farm three different (or three of the same) crafting materials. It’s a bit more involved than the previous request, Cultural Exchange, and happens much later in a playthrough but isn’t hard.

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How to Complete the Economic Stimulation Quest in Monster Hunter Rise

Economic Stimulation won’t be available until later into your Rise playthrough, as you’ll need access to all five main regions, including the Lava Caverns. You’ll eventually receive the request from Rondine the Trader at the Buddy Plaza. She’ll ask you to collect three different items this time: one King Rhino, three Rock Roses, and three Bismuth Prisms.

Where to find King Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise

You’ll need to head to the Flooded Forest zone to get King Rhino for Economic Stimulation. You’re looking for the golden Shining Rhino unique gathering points. These look like giant golden scarab beetles hanging on various ruins and trees throughout the level.

The closest one is to the north of the first camp in the mountains between zones 10, 12, and 13. There’s also a Shining Rhino not far from Camp B in zone 11, and there are a couple around the giant ziggurat of zone 2. You only need to gather from one of these points for the King Rhino, so head out of the area once you have the item.

Where to find Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise

Another unique collectible found in the Sandy Plains, Rock Roses come from the Desert Rose gathering points in the level. You’ll need three Rock Roses to complete this section of the request, and while there’s a chance you receive enough at a single gathering point, you might need to hunt more to complete this step.

Desert Roses have a color the same brown as the rock of the sandy Plains, so you’ll need to rely more on your map to find them. Once you know what you’re looking for, they’re not too hard to pick out from the environment.

Where to Find Bismuth Prisms in Monster Hunter Rise

The next item needed for Economic Stimulation, Bismuth Prisms are native only to the Lava Caverns and come only from Iridescent Ore gathering points in both the upper and lower areas of the level.

Your best bet is staying on the upper level above the caverns, especially if you’ve unlocked Camp B in the northwest cliffs between zones 6 and 7. There’s also a gathering point near Camp C in the northeast portion of zone 10.

You’re likely to receive the three Bismuth Prisms you need at one Iridescent Ore, no matter where you gather from.

Like the Desert Roses in the Sandy Plains, it’s not a guarantee, so either gather from another Ore or wait the five or so minutes it takes for the closest one to respawn.

Once you’ve collected all the requested materials, head back to Rodine in the Buddy Plaza and complete Economic Stimulation. Now you’ll have three submarines ready and able to passively gather materials of all kinds.

We’ve covered tons of material locations in our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub and how to beat monsters like Magnamalo, how online works, and more. We’ll be doing plenty more when the Sunbreak expansion releases, so check back then.

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