Learn how to get your hands on Nargacuga Mantle in this guide to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Nargacuga Mantle

Learn how to get your hands on Nargacuga Mantle in this guide to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Nargacuga gear still packs a punch in the early-to-midgame of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, whether it’s the high natural Affinity of the weapons or the good perk spread on the armor. If you want to make the entire set, however, you’ll need at least two units of Nargacuga Mantle: one for the waist armor and one for the Rarity 9 weapon of your choice. Any other Narga weapons on your list will require additional Mantles, which are not easy to come by.

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This guide will cover how to get Nargacuga Mantle and optimize your farming in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to Find Nargacuga Mantle

Nargacuga Mantle is the rarest material the monster can drop, with a maximum 5% chance of being carved from a cut tail. Depending on how often you faint and cart back to camp during the hunt, you’ll have 10-20 opportunities to receive a Mantle. Here is the breakdown of what awards the material and at what rate:

  • Target Reward: 2% for one.
  • Capture Reward: 4% for one.
  • Broken Part Reward: 3% for one when you break the Head.
  • Carve Reward: 2% for one when you carve the Body, 5% for one from the
  • Tail.
  • Dropped Materials: 1% for one for every material dropped.

The odds aren’t great no matter how you gauge them, but there are some strategies you can use to make farming a mantle a little more efficient.

How to Farm Nargacuga Mantle

Break parts and Wyvern Ride

These mechanics cause Dropped Materials, so you’ll see a few small chances at a Mantle on the ground.

Focus on the tail

One of Nargacuga’s attacks sees it slam its tail into the ground and keep it there for a few seconds. If you can avoid the slam, you’ll have an opportunity to do some damage.

Equip the Partbreaker Skill

It’s not optimal for damage, but the Parkbreaker skill does precisely what it says it does: help you break parts. More broken parts, more rewards.

Play multiplayer

Whether playing with your friends or randoms, having other hunters with you can provide opportunities for tail and other part breaks you would have trouble with solo. You’re also liable to spend less time hunting overall with other players, getting you to the reward screen faster.

Capture instead of kill

Monsters become capturable at about 30% health, so capturing them saves you from needing to deplete the remaining health. The Nargacuga Mantle has a high Capture Reward rate, and if you carted a few times, cap-ing will get you more rewards than killing.

You’ll probably need to hunt at least a few Nargacuga before your get a Mantle, or you might have some good luck and get several from a single hunt. Either way, once you’ve got one, it’s time to head to the Smithy. We’ve covered plenty of additional Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak materials here, including Barroth Crown, Awegite, Monster Slogbone, and others in our Rise guides hub.

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