Purecrystal is a valuable material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Learn where it is and how to farm it in this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Where to Find Purecrystal

Purecrystal is a valuable material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Learn where it is and how to farm it in this guide.

One of the materials you’ll be able to farm early in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Purecrystal is a relatively uncommon drop. Despite its early appearance in the campaign, this material has uses in late-game gear as well. We’ll cover the best places to get it alongside some farming tips this guide.

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How to Get Purecrystal 

To begin farming Purcrystal in Sunbreak, you need access to the Flooded Forest, which becomes available once you’ve unlocked MR3 quests. Once there, you can start gathering from any of the Mining Outcrops in the area. You’ll find Purecrystal as an uncommon drop from blue and silver outcrops.

To farm blue Mining Outcrops, travel to the sub-camp near Zone 11. If you haven’t found it, it’s inside the mountain between Zones 11 and 6. Another two are just north of the camp south of Area 7. There’s a silver outcrop near the Zone 7 blue outcrops as well.

These five points will likely give you a good haul of Purecrystal, but there’s another in the southwestern portion of Zone 6 and the eastern portion of Zone 10.

If you haven’t unlocked the sub-camp, start from the main camp and gather from the Mining Outcrop on the eastern side of Zone 1. From there, head north to Zone 10 and over the mountain to Zone 11, going clockwise through Zones 7 and 6. You should find the sub-camp during the first cycle, giving you the unlock quest when you head back to Kamura.

You can do plenty of gathering on a hunt, of course, but completing the loop described above is best done on an Expedition. You’ll be able to gather from other points freely, and there are always wandering monsters if you’re looking for a fight.

That’s what you need to know about gathering all the Purecrystal you could ever want in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. We’ve covered plenty of other material farms here, including Monster Slogbone, Awegite, and Twisted Stiffbone. Check our Rise guides hub for all that and more.

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