Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Not Loading on PC Fix

Is Iceborn infinitely loading on your PC? There's a fix available if you're stuck loading, but it means losing all of your mods for Monster Hunter: World.

Is Iceborn infinitely loading on your PC? There's a fix available if you're stuck loading, but it means losing all of your mods for Monster Hunter: World.

Months after the console crowd got into this frozen DLC, the Iceborn expansion for Monster Hunter: World is now finally out for PC players. But it appears that the expansion is not working or loading for a large chunk of the player base.

Is Iceborne not loading for you? We’ve found the likely culprit that’s breaking the expansion. However, the fix for Iceborn infinitely loading may be more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you’ve downloaded extensive mods.

The TL;DR is that mods aren’t supported for the DLC at this time.

Why is Iceborn Stuck Loading on PC?

Something in the mandatory Iceborn update isn’t playing well with existing mods, and it entirely breaks the loading system. It’s unknown if or when the issue will be resolved with a future patch, or if all mods will need to be re-built from scratch.

To fix the Iceborn not loading bug, your best bet is to completely remove all mods, then uninstall and reinstall the game from scratch. This may mean starting over because even your save files featuring modded content can contribute to the infinite load bug. 

In order to resolve the problem, the easiest solution is to simply remove the folder where all mods are placed. Unless you specifically saved your mods somewhere else, navigate to whichever hard drive has Monster Hunter: World installed, and then go to the file path Monster Hunter WorldNativePC.

In most cases the full path will be:

  • C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonMonster Hunter WorldNativePC

However, the path may be different depending on your setup and where you installed the base game.

You can either delete the mods one by one out of that folder, or just simply delete the folder entirely to wipe them all at once.

If you don’t want to lose all of your mods on the off chance they get working again in the near future, there is an alternative. Simply rename the “nativePC” folder to something else like “RENAMELATER” or “TEMPORARYNAME” so you don’t forget.

Changing the folder name should prevent all the mods from working since the file path is no longer functioning. When mods are fixed, you can then rename the folder back to “NativePC.”

Did getting rid of mods fix the Iceborne PC loading problem, or are you still stuck at the load screen? Let us know what worked for you or if you need help finding another solution!

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