Create the strongest team in My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact by following our best characters tier list guide.

My Hero Academia Ultra Impact: Best Heroes Tier List

Create the strongest team in My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact by following our best characters tier list guide.
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My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact doesn’t have all the heroes from the original game yet, but the initial roster includes 86 heroes of various rarities, ranging from rare to ultra rare. Of course, the ultra rare ones are the strongest in the game, so try to reroll for them if you can.

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This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best heroes in My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact. You will find out which heroes are absolutely must haves and which ones are sleeper strong units.

My Hero Ultra Impact: SS-Tier Heroes

Nejire Hado

  • Type: Knowledge (Green)

Nejire Hado is the best supporter in the game, hands down. She can both beat the heck out of enemies and heal your team when needed.

Her best skill is Hey Hey, which allows her to heal three of her allies by 20% at the start of each wave. On top of that, she gets Grit, which keeps her alive in case her HP drops really low.

If you’re looking for a good healer, there is no one better than Nejire right now.

Shoto Todoroki

  • Type: Skill (Blue)

Todoroki is another indispensable hero that should be on your team. His skills not only deal huge amounts of damage, but also apply various debuffs, including Freeze, Restraint, and Burn effects.

His Don’t Burn Yourself auto skill also generates a Burn resistance buff for allies, as well as increases his own power by 40% at the start of each wave.

S-Tier Heroes

Katsuki Bakugo

  • Type: Skill (Blue)

If you didn’t manage to reroll for Todoroki, then Bakugo would be the next best choice, when it comes to pure DPS characters.

Most of his attacks deal Burn damage, such as Howitzer Impact and AP Shot, but he can also inflict Blindness on all enemies with the help of Stun Grenade, which is just as useful.

Eijiro Kirishima

  • Type: Skill (Blue)

Kirishima is the best tank character with two skills that grant Barrier, including Tenacious Blade and Red Counter. The first one also taunts enemies, while the second one counters their attacks.

Just like Nejire, Kirishima also has Grit, and an ability to increase HP of all allies by 25%.

Shoto Aizawa

  • Type: Faith (Yellow)

Dealing a lot of damage is great and all, but being able to effectively debuff enemies can be just as important. That’s why Aizawa is such a great character, as his debuff skills are on another level.

You can target single buffs with the help of Blinding Kick, or you could target them all and remove at once using Capture Combo skill.

A-Tier Heroes


  • Type: Power (Red)

Most of Endeavor’s attacks deal Burn damage, and lots of it. He can also slow down enemies and increase his own attacks.

What makes him unique though is the ability to deal Reverse damage, which becomes available once his HP drops below 50%.

It’s an interesting and diverse hero that can fill the gap in your team.

All Might

  • Type: Power (Red)

On his own All Might can’t do too much, but if you combine him with the debuff skills of Aizawa, then you will gain access to some fantastic combos.

All Might can produce extra buffs, but only in cases when enemies get debuffs. For example, if an enemy receives an attack or skill damage debuff, All Might gains those buffs using both of his Smash attacks.


  • Type: Knowledge (Green)

Evasion can be a great alternative to tanking, and Hawks is a master of evasive moves, such as Fierce Wings and My Own Pace.

Additionally, Hawks can grant all allies a second attack chance for two turns with the help of his Feather Sword skill. If this happens, then your team will gain a huge advantage in PvP.

Denki Kaminari

  • Type: Destruction (Purple)

Although Denki is not as powerful as other heroes mentioned above, he can offer a lot in terms of buffs and debuffs.

His biggest threat is the Paralyze status effect, which is very powerful, albeit he inflicts it on both enemies and allies, if you’re using his Plus Ultra ability. That’s why it is recommended to activate his Human Stungun skill that targets enemies only.


  • Type: Power (Red)

Lastly, you may want to explore Bleeding effects, if you decide to play with Overhaul.

This character can instill Fear in your enemies, using his Forced Disassembly skill, effectively decreasing enemy defenses. And, if you want to make them Bleed, progressively losing HP, then activate his Terrain Disassembly skill.

Those are all the best heroes in My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact. If you enjoyed reading this article, then be sure to share it with your friends online!

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