My Hero Ultra Rumble: How to Revive

Reviving in MHUR is easy as can be. Here's how.

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The latest title from Bandai Namco is something a little different: a My Hero Academia battle royale titled My Hero Ultra Rumble. The 24-player battle royale is a lighter take on the genre and features Deku, Tsuyu, All Might, and a slew of other fan favorites from MHA. In this guide, we’ll briefly go over how to revive in MHUR, so you can help your teammates get back into the mix when they’re downed.

How to Revive in My Hero Ultra Rumble

The revival mechanics in MHUR are pretty familiar if you’ve played some other battle royales. It can be a bit of a pain to revive a teammate, and they’ll be back to square one in terms of level and items once they’ve been revived. Regardless of the drawbacks, it’s better to have your full team out there and fighting rather than leave them downed.

You need two things to revive in My Hero Ultra Rumble: a Revival Card and the teammate’s character badget. With a Revival Card and badge in hand, you can revive a teammate anywhere on the map, regardless of where they died, by using the card in your inventory.

How to Find Revival Cards

Revival Cards can be pieced together using three Grey Cards, which can be earned by helping civilians and around the map. They can also be found whole in Large Chests if you get lucky.

Where is My Teammate’s Character Badge?

Go to where your teammate was downed to pick up their badge. It might take a moment, but it’s worth it unless you are at the tail-end of a round and about to win.

That’s the gist of what you need to know about how to revive in My Hero Ultra Rumble. Look for more guides on the My Hero Academia battle royale here on GameSkinny.

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