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My Hero Ultra Rumble Players Not Found — What Does It Mean?

The "No players found" message is plaguing some MHUR players. What does it mean?

My Hero Ultra Rumble has had some strong player numbers since its release, but it hasn’t been without its issues. A few server issues have been annoying a portion of the playerbase, including a matchmaking notification stating no players have been found. What does the “Players not found” notification mean in MHUR?

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What Does “Players Not Found” Mean in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

You’ll only get the notification saying “Players not found” while trying to find a match, and it’s hitting players in both ranked and unranked matches. This sort of message would normally indicate a game isn’t doing great in the population department, but that’s not quite the case here with MHUR. Instead it’s nothing to do with your side of things at all.

You can get the “Players not found” message regardless of which platform you’re playing the game on. This is technically an error, since it actually indicates a server issue rather than one on the player side of things. You can get this message regardless of your MMR, platform, region, or mode you’re queuing for. There’s nothing to be done about it but to wait and try to queue again later.

You may find that trying to play the game on different platforms will yield different results when trying to queue. It’s probable you won’t get this error when hopping from one platform to another, such as Nintendo Switch to PC. Each version runs on different servers, as proven by MHUR‘s lack of crossplay. It’ll take some developer intervention to sort this message out in the long run.

This is only one of a handful of errors and issues players have been running into while trying to play My Hero Ultra Rumble, but they’ll be sure to pass as the initial launch boom simmers down. For now, this is what you need to know about the “Players not found” error message in matchmaking. Look for more MHUR guides here on GameSkinny.

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