A few extra Gols and recipes never hurt anybody. Here's where to find the chests in My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock Hidden Treasure Chest Locations

A few extra Gols and recipes never hurt anybody. Here's where to find the chests in My Time at Sandrock.

There are a number of chests hidden around the dusty town of Sandrock and inside the businesses that call it home. Each contains something of value, whether it be a crafting recipe, a piece of gear, or a handful of Gols. Seeking them out yourself isn’t a monumental task: at this point in Early Access, there aren’t that many to find. 

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Regardless, the guide below will show you where all of the treasure chests currently are at this stage in My Time at Sandrock‘s EA period. It will also tell you what’s inside each of them (except for one because I haven’t figured out how to reach the damnable thing yet). We’ll break it up into lower town and upper town

Where to Find Hidden Chests in My Time at Sandrock

Lower Town

  • In the train station; turn right when you enter.
    • Reward: Fluorite +1.

  • On the second-floor balcony inside the Commerce Guild.
    • Reward: 1 Gol.

  • In the room to the right of the bar in Blue Moon Saloon.
    • Reward: Soy Sauce x2, Vinegar x2.

  • By Blue Moon Saloon’s western, second-story door (left of the main entrance if you’re looking at the Saloon).
    • Reward: 50 goals.

  • On the eastern side of Pablo’s Parler barbershop, between it and Owen’s red house.
    • Reward: Blessing Pendant.

  • On the catwalk just east of Pablo’s Parler (left of and above the Blessing Pendant chest).
    • Reward: Pioneer lore book.

  • On the stone stairway leading above and behind Pablo’s Parlor barbershop.
    • Reward: Topaz +2.

  • On the second-floor balcony inside City Hall, north end above the door.
    • Reward: Water +5.

  • On top of the stable across from the General Store (By the Stairs); to the left of City Hall if you’re looking at the front of City Hall.
    • Reward: Bone Necklace (defense +5).

  • Underneath Water World, the building where you can buy water from Burgess. Go underneath to the right of the stairs leading up from the main road going through town.
    • Reward: Around the World in However Many Days.

  • On the second-story balcony of the Miner’s Dorm, on the far-left side.
    • Reward: 100 Gols.

Upper Town

  • Against the backside of the Church of Light temple.
    • Reward: 50 Gols.

  • On the balcony above Ceramic Gate.
    • Reward: Ceramic Plate recipe.

  • On top of the building west, across the path from, the Research Center. This is Rocky’s Home.
    • Reward: Casual T-Shirt.

  • On the Research Center roof; go up the stairs on the south side.
    • Reward: 50 Gols.

  • On the platform above the tunnel leading from the Research Center toward the Ranch and Hammer Time.
    • Reward: Stone Daggers x1.

  • On top of the Ranch’s barn; on the east side of the roof. Climb up the western side.
    • Reward: Yakmel Horn Bracelet recipe.

Those are all of the chests currently in My Time at Sandrock — unless we’ve missed one in someone’s room since getting anyone to be your friend in this game is a task. There are sure to be changes to chest locations (or even entire new additions) throughout the game’s Early Access period, so we’ll periodically update it with new information.

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