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My Time at Sandrock: How to Get Fluorite

Here's how to get Fluorite in My time at Sandrock.

In My Time at Sandrock, you’ll have to find plenty of rare materials. And they’re worth discovering, too, as they’re used in crafting and giving gifts to NPCs. If you can’t figure out where to look for some, don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Fluorite

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How to Get Fluorite in My Time at Sandrock

Fluorite can be tricky to find in My Time at Sandrock since the game doesn’t tell you exactly where to look for it. If you’re like me and thought you could mine it, you can’t. To get Fluorite, you’ll have to have access to the Ore Refinery first. You can get the diagram to craft it by giving 10 data disks to Qi in the Research Center. 

Once you have the Ore Refinery, can craft Fluorite by refining Copper Ore and Quartz. The chances of getting it through this process are high, so you should always get a few each time, which can’t be said for some other resources.

Purchasing Fluorite

There are also two other ways you can obtain Fluorite. However, I don’t find them as effective. You can purchase the resource from the vending machine located in The Breach Hazardous Ruins for 10 Ruins Tokens. You can get these tokens by completing runs in the Hazardous Ruins, but this will take a long time if you’re just looking to get Fluorite.

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Smashing Wooden Boxes for Fluorite

You can also find Fluorite by smashing wooden boxes around the Hazardous Ruins. Remember, you’ll need an ax with you to break them. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the item every time, so I don’t find this method as effective either. 

That’s how to find Fluorite in My Time at Sandrock. Although you can purchase it with Ruins Tokens and find it by breaking boxes, the most effective way to get the material is with the Ore Refinery. For more tips and guides check out our dedicated guides hub

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