– How to get the kebab tusk and crown

Quick and dirty guide on getting the tusk and crown in

Quick and dirty guide on getting the tusk and crown in is probably one of the fastest .io games and when you go into it you have one goal: to be the terror of the map! But having that snazzy kebab tusk is definitely a plus, and so is getting the crown. 

Both the crown and the kebab tusk are separate cosmetics, even if you seem to get them both at once. Both have their own requirements and the crown is the more coveted of the two, as only one player on a server can be wearing the crown.

How to get the crown

Far more obvious than the kebab tusk, the crown is awarded to whichever player is in first place on the server’s leaderboard. The easiest way to get the crown? Take out whoever is in first. 

When you kill another player you get EXP relative to the killed player’s level, and generally the player in first gives you enough to put you in first yourself.

How to get the kebab tusk

The kebab tusk is definitely cool, but getting it is a little different than getting the crown. You may find yourself getting both the crown and the kebab at the same time, but they have different requirements.

While the crown requires you be in first place, the kebab requires that your tusk level be maxed out. Of course, the fastest way to do this is generally to kill whoever is in first place. But it’s not necessary. If you kill enough other players and are lucky enough with stat increases eventually you’ll hit max tusk level if you’re lucky enough.

With each level you get random stat increases to make you a more efficient killing machine. Just think of the kebab tusk as an extra bonus to getting to a higher level — it’s a nice bonus, but the real treat is the extra stats.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion about‘s crown and kebab tusk cosmetics. They’re simple to get and don’t actually do anything, but who doesn’t want to look unique from other players? Crazy people, that’s who.

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