NBA 2K24: Best Dribble Moves Detailed

Here are the best dribble moves in NBA 2K24.

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Outside of the three-point shot and the posterizing dunk, the best aspect of basketball is the dribble moves. Whether it’s sizing up an opponent from beyond the arch or initiating a strong Eurostep into the paint, a good dribble move can make all the difference in any possession. This applies to NBA 2K24, as well. It has a plethora of dribble moves that players can use to break down any defense and get good shooting opportunities. In this guide, we’ll go over the best dribble moves in NBA 2K24 detailed.

Best Dribble Moves in NBA 2K24 Detailed

Image via 2K Games

Of course, it’s hard to determine which are the “best” NBA 2K24 dribble moves. Not everything will work for every player, especially in MyPlayer. The effectiveness of these ball handles will come down to a variety of factors, such as a player’s build. Smaller, more agile guards will handle the ball better than big, plodding forwards. So keep that in mind.

Regardless of whatever build your MyPlayer character is using, here are some best NBA 2K24 dribble moves that are among the most effective. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve decided to choose one per category.

Steve Francis Signature Size-Up

If you’re using a guard build, then Steve Fancis’ signature size-up moves are a must. Perfect for dicing up your defender from the perimeter, this move utilizes tons of misdirection and quick dribbles between the legs. To access this move, your MyPlayer must be a pure guard. They need to be under 6’5″ with a ball-handling rating of at least 95.

Isaiah Thomas Regular Breakdown Combo

This move is straight OP! Though the former Charlotte Hornets guard is currently a free agent, Isaiah Thomas’ presence is still being felt in NBA 2K24 with his wildly effective Breakdown Combo move. The move makes a series of small and quick cuts that will eventually place a player to the left. While many dribble moves will see players dribbling in place, this skill will literally change your position on the court. It will potentially put you in prime position for an open mid-ranger.

Trae Young Escape Move

Ask any seasoned NBA 2K player, and they’ll tell you that Ice Trae’s escape move can cook even the sturdiest defending guards on the way to the basket. Trae’s escape move is relatively simple aesthetically, being a simple cross-over dribble. But if you speed boost out of it, you’ll go straight to the side and set up a jumper. And if you drive to the basket, it’s a strong cut that will be challenging to keep up with. It requires 92 handling, though.

Pro Aggressive Breakdown Combo

Thus far, we’ve been heavily favoring moves suited to guards. And rightfully so, considering they do most of the ball handling per possession. But what about big men who are at least 6’10”? In that case, the basic Pro Aggressive Breakdown Combo offers the most for movement and speed boosts.

De’Aaron Fox Combo Moves

Moving back to the guard position, some tricks out of De’Aaron Fox’s tool bag come into play. With his Combo Moves, your guard will bounce around with misdirection all over the perimeter. Better yet, you only need 80+ ball handling to equip it. So not only is it handy, but it also comes into play relatively early.

Kobe Bryant Crossover

OK, let’s be honest — the crossover is one of the more underutilized moves in the game and won’t be used too much. However, in the off-chance it may come in handy, the quick Kobe Bryant Crossover is arguably the best in the game and can be done with small guards and big forwards alike.

Trae Young Behind the Back

With the behind-the-back moves in his arsenal, Trae Young appears for a second time on the dribble list. If you’ve played even a small amount of 2K24 so far, you know that his running behind-the-move animation is borderline broken and will create tons of space when driving into the paint. Seriously, trying to stop this move is a nightmare.

Basic Spin

We’re not gonna spend too much time on this. Spending money on pro spin moves is a waste of VC. The basic one will do just fine. Moving on…

Ja Morant Hesitation

The hesitation move is one of the most used dribble moves when setting a shot. Ja Morant’s animation package does better than anyone else’s due to it having that particular “off to the side” motion in it. It is quick, effective, and offers a lot of space when speed-boosting out of it. It’s especially useful if you’re controlling a player with a lights-out jumper.

Luka Doncic Stepback

Do you know why Luka Doncic has made four straight All-Star appearances? Because he’s one of the most well-rounded players in the game and one of the best at creating separation. And if you want a good stepback move, especially as a forward, who better to emulate than Luka? Like Trae’s behind-the-back dribble, Doncic’s stepback is pretty sudden and snappy and offers tons of space for those mid-range fadeaways.

Those are the best dribble moves in NBA 2K24. But if you’re looking for more NBA 2K24 information, check out our Mamba Moments rewards guide or ourLocker Codes list.

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