Neko Atsume – How to get the new rare cat Bengal Jack

How to catch Neko Atsume's newest and (dare I say) cutest cat.

How to catch Neko Atsume's newest and (dare I say) cutest cat.

There hadn’t been any new rare cats brought to Neko Atsume in several months before the other day’s 1.7.0 summer patch. We’d only gotten three new rare cats since the game came out in English: Frosty, Sapphire, and Jeeves. But that’s okay, because now we have one more to add to the roster: Bengal Jack!

This new rare cat is definitely the big addition in 1.7.0, though the patch also brought new items, new passive decorations in each remodel to match the summer heat, and two new normal cats.

The new patch is just enough to bring back collectors who finished their collection and need an excuse to come back (like me).

Bengal Jack is a pirate cat on the search for treasure with picky tastes, and getting him to visit your house can take a lot of guesswork.. unless you’re reading this guide, then it’s pretty easy.

How to get Bengal Jack to visit

Bengal Jack is one of the few rare cats that will only show up for one item — at least, I’ve only had him show up for one item so far, and that is the new Luxury Treasure-box.

The Luxury Treasure-box costs 20 Gold Fish, which is a pretty fitting price for an item luring a swashbuckling cat. 

While the Luxury Treasure-box lures other kitties in and that can be a bit worrying considering Bengal Jack’s power level is a meager 66., you don’t have to worry since he will stop by to peek into the box even if there’s another cat in it.

My significant other and I have had Bengal Jack visit with Ritzy Bits and Deluxe Tuna Bits foods.

I’m not sure yet if he can visit with other foods, but if you find out please comment and let me know.

And last but not least, Bengal Jack is a unique cat — just like all the other cats — and has a reckless personality along with the appearance of a pirate. The adorable scourge of Neko Atsume‘s seas!

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