Nether: A Survivalist’s Guide

Just crawling in after days and nights hiding in the shadows of the city avoiding Nether. Have a few more tips and hints on playing and surviving this tough online video game.
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Just crawling in the door after surviving another twenty hours crouching and hiding in the shadows avoiding Nether. The action was intense and the monsters thick, but I managed to survive and learn a few more tricks to keep you alive during the tense moments.

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If you’re new to this online video game? Read my article “Nether: A Survivalist’s First Impression and Tips.” You can pick up useful information you’ll need to survive the first moments on the mean-streets of the city after civilization has fallen. Making the right decisions at the start will keep you alive.

The character I use is at level five. It has taken me about thirty-six hours of game-time to reach this point.

I use a PC with a fourth generation i7 processor, 4 GB graphics card, and 16GB of RAM to play the game.

Move slow and keep your eyes open

Crouch as you move slowly around the city and look for bipedal forms moving around in the environment. Nether have a form similar to humans, only distorted, and you can learn to recognize one at a distance.

Nether also have poor eyesight, but amazing hearing. Keep this thought in mind as you move slowly around the city. Staying in the shadow of buildings, vehicles and other structures pays off in the long run.

The monsters make noises you can train yourself to listen for while playing this online video game. Move from shadow to shadow. Stop in one shadow, look around and then move to the next secure spot. This method will allow you to stay out of hearing range of Nether, and the sight of dangerous survivors.  

Characters deciding to run, instead of moving slowly, will make more noise and thus increase chance of detection by Nether and other survivors. Ambushing groups of humans killed me several times while moving quickly around the city. Noise also tends to attract more monsters to the party.

A city is four-dimensional in nature and you need to keep this in mind while moving slowly through the urban environment of Nether. Monsters can teleport from above and attack you.

Tall structures in this online video game often have eyes. Other survivors could be watching from a rooftop as you move from shadow to shadow. Keep looking above you for watchers.

Locating food, water, medical supplies and weapons

Finding the food, water, medical supplies and weapons you need to survive life in the city is difficult at times while playing Nether. This activity is the main reason most players will die. Without locating these things you have no chance of survival.

Most of the time you find these items by looting deserted buildings, near vehicles with flashing lights and rising columns of smoke, and by attending “Loot Drops”. A Loot Drop, when it occurs, will appear on the city map. You only have a certain amount of time to make it to a Loop Drop.

I spent about ten hours going from server-to-server to find Loot Drops. This is how I was able to acquire a nice assault rifle, automatic pistol and sword. They also drop food, water, money and medical supplies, so keep an eye on the city map for these events.

I favor this method over looting deserted buildings and searching near rising columns of smoke and flashing vehicles. This is because I think less Nether are found near a Loot Drop. Looting to find the things you need to survive this online video game is more dangerous in my opinion. Both methods will help you find food, water, and other things you need to survive life in the city.

Sticking to the path less-traveled

I suggest players starting out in Nether try to map out in their head pathways from buildings to buildings. There is more than one path to a destination. Look for different paths through deserted buildings, underground subways, and along elevated train tracks. This will give you alternate routes to follow to move from place to place in the city.

I have mental maps between Safe Zones on one server. I can travel great distances on the map in relative safety. As I play Nether more, I will add more mental maps to the list. In future articles on this online video game, I will give players these maps.

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