Obtain the best possble weapons with the assistance of our tier list guide to Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant: Best Weapons Tier List Guide

Obtain the best possble weapons with the assistance of our tier list guide to Nier Replicant.

There are over 30 weapons in Nier Replicant, including some of the new exclusive weapons that have been designed specifically for the ver.1.22… remaster. Each weapon has four levels of upgrades and magic power. The bigger the damage, the better chances you have to kill your enemies.

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This tier list guide shows only the best weapons in Nier Replicant, including their locations and tips on how to unlock them. The best ones can be obtained only in the latter stages of the game, but some are also available early on.

S-Tier Weapons

Kaine’s Sword

  • Type: One-Handed Sword
  • Damage: 999/999/999/999
  • Magic Power: 0%/30%/60%/90%

This version of Nier Replicant introduced not only updated graphics, but also the strongest weapon in the series: Kaine’s Sword.

The damage on this sword is absurd, but you can unlock it only in the very end of the game. Once you’ve reached the Ending E, you need to go back and load up your previous saved game.

But instead of playing the game, you need to enter the options menu and listen to the final farewell. When you’re done listening, start the game and go to The Aerie in the Northern Planes. The sword can be obtained in the Kaine’s tent.

Kaine’s Sword easily deals with smaller enemies, often with a single hit. While big bosses get demolished with a few quick strikes.

Phoenix Spear

  • Type: Spear
  • Damage: 490/576/679/721
  • Magic Power: 50%/60%/70%/80%

Phoenix set of weapons is by far the strongest one in both versions of Nier Replicant.

The spear is especially strong and easily trumps many upgraded weapons except some heavy two-handed swords.

You can buy it in the second half of the game from a blacksmith that resides in the desert city of Facade for 32, 400 Gold. You can find him in the western part of the city.

A-Tier Weapons

Fool’s Lament

  • Type: One-Handed Sword
  • Damage: 400/730/760/999
  • Magic Power: 30%/50%/50%/80%

This unique sword was only available in the DLC for the original game. But in the remaster players need to complete Ending A in order to get this sword.

It becomes just as powerful as Kaine’s Sword when fully upgraded. If you don’t want to wait until finishing Ending E, then Fool’s Lament would be the best choice before that point.

Once you enter the white room of The World of Recycled Vessel, you need to go through a number of doors or chapters. The Fool’s Lament can be obtained after completing the third level of the second chapter.

Phoenix Sword

  • Type: Two-Handed Sword
  • Damage: 400/646/715/760
  • Magic Power: 30%/40%/50%/50%

Here is another excellent weapon from the Phoenix set, but this time it’s a two-handed sword with loads of damage.

This sword, unlike its relative spear, cannot be purchased. It can only be found inside the box at the Shadowlord’s Castle. The box can be seen to the left of the door right before you meet the two friends of Devola and Popola.

The Shadowlord’s Castle can be accessed through the portal on top of the Lost Shrine at the end of the game.

B-Tier Weapons


  • Type: Spear
  • Damage: 384/442/531/625
  • Magic Power: 40%/50%/60%/70%

While all the best weapons can be obtained either in the second half of the game or during the end game, this strong spear can be purchased right at the very first location.

Although it is quite expensive at 21,600 Gold, you can easily purchase it at the Village’s blacksmith and quickly achieve all your goals.

After that you can unlock or buy something better, but this would be one of the best choices for the early game.

Vile Axe

  • Type: Two-Handed Axe
  • Damage: 384/442/729/841
  • Magic Power: 40%/30%/40%/50%

If you don’t want to handle a spear and would like something sturdier, then wait before you reach the town of Seafront, located south of the Village.

The local blacksmith sells a powerful axe for the same amount as the Sunrise spear of 21, 600 Gold. The axe can be upgraded and once it is fully leveled up, it can easily compete with other top tier weapons in the game.

Those are the best weapons in Nier Replicant. Fore more Nier Relicant tips and tricks guide articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

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