Observer Complete Keypad Codes and Passwords List

Some keypads can be hacked, while others will require a little sleuthing to find their passwords.

Some keypads can be hacked, while others will require a little sleuthing to find their passwords.
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Ready to have your mind bent to its absolute limits? That’s what’s in store when you and Polish detective Rutger Hauer go searching for a killer in a run-down dystopian apartment complex with Observer!

While exploring the many corridors and levels of the complex, there are a variety of locked rooms and secret areas. Some of these are critical to the story, while others just give access to new info and items.

Below we list out every single keypad password in the entire game. Having trouble getting through the endless hallway loop puzzle in Room 104 instead? Check out our guide to solving the Room 104 puzzle in Observer for the solution to escape.

All Keypad Codes and Passwords in Observer

Adam Lazarski’s Apartment Keypad
  • Code: 1984

If you hack the keypad in your son’s apartment, you will only get the last number revealed — a 4. With a little snooping around, you can find a copy of the famous dystopian novel 1984 in the back of a closed closet, giving you a clue to the full code number. 

 Adam’s Apartment Keypad

Ground Floor Back Room
  • Code: 0446

If you explore the ground floor area of the apartment, you will find a broken section of wall near rooms 11 and 12 that leads to a locked door. This keypad is opened with code 0446.

 Ground Floor Back Room Keypad

Apartment 114 Keypad
  • Code: 1074

You can get this password code when talking to the strange girl in apartment 113 who keeps changing voices. The actual apartment 114 is down the hall next to the bizarre ad with the executive guy who has multiple arms.

 Room 114 Keypad

Tattoo Parlor Chair Keypad
  • Code: 3615

This keypad is hidden next to Helena Novak’s body in the back room of the tattoo parlor. To find the keypad, look at the back of the tattoo chair and open a secret compartment.

Based on the number 1 showing up when you hack the keypad, it seems like this full code should be one of the numbers of the tattoos stored in the computer, but it actually isn’t. You can find the full code by hacking into Novak’s mind after she’s already dead and going through her interrogation segment.

 Tattoo Parlor Keypad

Apartment 28 Keypad
  • Code: 7441

After going through the secret room in the tattoo parlor and heading down into the basement corridors, you will come across this room that has the phrase “Chiron Eats My Dreams” spray painted on the wall nearby.

If you hack the keypad, the final number is 1. You won’t actually find the full code organically in the game until much later in your playthrough, but you can just use 7441 now to get inside.

 Apartment Unit 28

Exit Door Keypad
  • Code: 4004

This door in the basement has the glowing Exit sign hovering above. Hacking the keypad reveals that the first three letters are 400 but it doesn’t give the last number, so you can pretty well just guess this one by going through each iteration. The full code is 4004.

 Exit Door Keypad

Apartment 202 Keypad
  • Code: 36??

Hacking this apartment’s keypad reveals the first two numbers as 36, but I haven’t figured out the last two numbers yet. If you solved it, let us know in the comments section and we’ll get this updated!

 Apartment 202 Keypad

Side Alley Door
  • Code: 2069

When you are in a side alley across from a tattoo shop (at the point where you see all the red silhouettes walking around), there’s another keypad locked door.

Hacking just reveals the first two numbers as 20, so brute forcing this one with a bunch of guesses will take too long. If you search the area you’ll find a night club where several “69” signs are hanging around though, letting you know the full code.

Those are all the locked keypad doors we’ve come across so far! Found any others that we missed? Let us know below, and stay tuned for more Observer guides coming soon covering collectibles, achievements, and completing the Fire And Spiders mini-games!

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