Trangmos is finally in Outriders. Here's how to quickly change the look of your weapons and gear.

Outriders: How to Transmog Weapons and Gear

Trangmos is finally in Outriders. Here's how to quickly change the look of your weapons and gear.
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Transmog is finally in Outriders with the New Horizons update available on all platforms. The community has been asking for the addition of transmog since the looter-shooter released back in April, and though there have been a handful of updates and patches since then, the system hasn’t arrived until now. 

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But if you’re here, you’re wondering how to transmog your weapons and gear. Luckily, the process is actually super simple. 

First things first: there are no resources or currencies to collect in order to change the look of your weapons and gear in Outriders. The only “grind” involved is actually getting the weapons and gear sets themselves. That’s made easier by the increased loot drops and near-elimination of dupes brought on by the New Horizons update. 

For the most part, any gear you pick up in Outriders now, whether that be guns or armor, will be something you don’t already have. Moreover, legendary drop rates are up 100% across the board, one new Expedition always drops legendaries, and you can, if you do get a dupe or bad roll, re-roll your loot at Tiago with Drop Pod Resources.

How to Transmog Your Weapons and Gear

To transmog weapons and gear:

  • Open your player menu.
  • Enter the customization menu (right D-pad on console).
  • You should enter the Transmog menu automatically, but if not, it’s the Visual Customization tab you’re looking for.

You’ll see your entire stash of loot here. You can switch between your weapons and armor categories, and then simply choose a piece of gear or a weapon and press the Apply button to equip a skin to just that piece of gear. If you have more than one piece or an entire set, press the Apply to All Equipped button to equip every piece all at once, nifty for donning entire armor sets in a flash.

You could keep running your Pyromancer armor but look like a Trickster if you’re so inclined.

Transmogging, of course, will override the look of your currently-equipped items. However, you keep all of the perks and abilities associated with the original item or items. Everything that you transmog will have a white diamond icon in the top left corner to help you keep track of them and know which items you’ve transmogged before. 

To revert an item to its original skin and look, simply press the remove button when highlighting the transmog piece. You can find which button it is for your platform by looking at the bottom of the gear card, where the apply buttons were previously shown.

When you pick up or purchase a weapon or piece of gear and add it to your inventory, it’s able to be transmogged immediately. You don’t have to dismantle anything. There are no vendors to visit or workbenches to find; you do everything through your inventory anywhere in Outriders.

Further, transmog is cross-class. That means if you pick a gun up with your Devastator and switch over to your Technomancer, you can transmog that same weapon without penalty or having to jump through hoops.

And that’s it on how to transmog your weapons, armor, and gear in Outriders with the New Horizons update. If you’re just jumping into People Can Fly’s looter-shooter, consider heading over to our guides hub for other tips and tricks articles.

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