Excited about the new One Punch Man collaboration in Overwatch 2? Here's how to unlock the event-exclusive skins.

Overwatch 2: How to Unlock the One Punch Man Skins

Excited about the new One Punch Man collaboration in Overwatch 2? Here's how to unlock the event-exclusive skins.

The latest update for Overwatch 2 is here and it brings a brand-new IP collaboration. Fans of the popular manga and anime series One Punch Man are sure to be ecstatic as some of their favorite characters are brought in as character-based skins as well as other cosmetics. This is how to unlock the One Punch Man Skins in Overwatch 2.

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What Are the One-Punch Man Skins?

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There are four themed skins for this One Punch Man collaboration, each of which is based on a popular hero from the series. They include:

  • Saitama skin for Doomfist
  • Terrible Tornado skin for Kiriko
  • Genos skin for Genji
  • Mumen Rider skin for Soldier

How to Unlock the One Punch Man Skins

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Three of the four skins are available to purchase in the shop. They’re not available to purchase individually and instead are only available in themed bundles along with other content as well as a One Punch Man Mega Bundle that includes everything. The content of the bundles is as follows:

  • Doomfist x Saitama Bundle – Skin, Emote, Voice Line, Highlight Intro, Name Card
  • Kiriko x Terrible Tornado Bundle – Skin, Victory Pose, Name Card
  • Genji x Genos Bundle – Skin, Name Card

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That just leaves the Soldier: 76 Mumen Rider skin, which can be unlocked for free by completing six One Punch Man event challenges. These challenges aren’t too difficult since they only require games to be completed and any games won count as double progress. Here are the maximum number of games players will need to complete and the rewards they grant:

  • Complete four games – Saitama Fist Weapon Charm
  • Complete eight games – Mumen Rider Name Card
  • Complete twelve games – Cyclist of Justice Victory Pose (Soldier: 76)
  • Complete sixteen games – Justice Crash Highlight Intro (Soldier: 76)
  • Complete twenty games – Boros Weapon Charm
  • Complete twenty-four games – Mumen Rider Skin (Soldier: 76)

This covers everything you need to know about how to unlock the One-Punch Man skins in Overwatch 2. If you’re interested in unlocking Golden Weapons to go along with your new skins or need some other tips and tricks, our Overwatch 2 guides can help.

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