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Paleo Pines: How to Get Dinos to Help on the Farm

You'll want all the help you can get from your dinos in Paleo Pines.

Paleo Pines brings dinosaurs to the farming RPG genre. However, getting your new dino buddies to help out on the farm is confusing and unclear. Here you’ll find our complete guide on how to get dinos to help on the farm in Paleo Pines.

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How to Get Dinos to Help on the Farm in Paleo Pines

Getting your dinos to help out on the farm is what makes Paleo Pines special. The game features 39 dinosaurs to discover and befriend, and they have a variety of helper abilities for your farm. However, you’ll need to unlock the ‘Path to Dapplewood’ story quest to get helper dinos. You’ll receive the quest after three in-game days. To complete it, you’ll need to make a Styracosaurus dino your helper. 

How to Make Dinosaurs into Helpers

The Styracosaurus, like other dinosaurs, has unique treat preferences. However, all dinosaurs will share the same lifestyle requirements to increase your bond with them, and eventually reach helper status. Additionally, dinosaurs have their own unique farm skills, and we’ve got a full list of them here. Here’s how to make dinos a Helper:

  • Give them a Pen.
  • Keep their Pen clean.
  • Pet them.
  • Play their Friend Call on your Flute.
  • Give them a Dreamstone.
  • Level up their Dreamstone.
  • Feed them their favorite treat type.
  • Feed them their Poppin type.
  • Take them on walks to their original biome.
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I recommend repeating these actions daily, or your dino could lose some XP. Each dinosaur will respond well to these actions, and you can track their leveling in your journal. Additionally, you’ll receive a notification when the dinosaur levels up to a new tier.

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to feed dinos their favorite treats. The dino’s favorite treat will be the same type as their taming Poppin. In other words, if you trained a dino with a Juicy Poppin, it’ll prefer Juicy treats, such as pears, apples, tomatoes, etc. Once your dino is a helper, you’ll need to saddle it to use it’s ability. However, small dinos can’t be equipped with a saddle, so you’ll use your flute to get their help.

Well, that does it for how to get dinos to help on the farm in Paleo Pines. You can stay tuned with us for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our Paleo Pines guides hub here.

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