Palia: How to Complete the Old Coin Quest

The Old Coin is a found item quest in Palia.

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The Old Coin quest begins when you find an old coin in a vase in Bahari Bay in Palia. Needing to find multiple coins as well as read Phoenix Fortunes, it can be an exasperating quest to finish. If you have the Old Coin in your journal and are unsure where to find everything, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to complete The Old Coin quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Old Coin Quest in Palia

Starting The Old Coin Quest

This quest starts when you first find an Old Coin, which you can do in the Flooded Fortress in Bahari Bay. You need to get to the upper level of the fortress be either climbing the vine covered ruins in the center of the area, or by hopping onto the ruined column with rushing water on the north side.

Once on the second floor, head into the fortress then down the flight of stairs. You’ll be greeted by a Phoenix statue in a circular room and an altar with candles. Ignore the altar as it doesn’t impact this quest. Head behind the Phoenix statue to find a white and gold vase on a pile of rocks next to a sewer grate. Interacting with the vase will give you the first Old Coin.

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When you have the coin the next quest goal changes to asking around about it. You can talk with Jina, Hekla, and other villagers, but they will all point you to Zeki. Speaking with Zeki reveals he found another coin in the bay and it came with a fortune when he put the coin in the Phoenix Statue’s mouth. Deciding to work together, your new objective becomes finding three coins and reading three Phoenix Fortunes.

Old Coin Locations

The entirety of this quest from this point on is located in the Flooded Fortress. Since you’ve already found the first coin, the second vase has now spawned. The vases only appear when you’ve found the previous one, meaning you won’t accidentally find the third coin vase before the second. This makes it a bit frustrating, as I originally thought I checked everywhere already when looking for the third vase, but it spawned in a location right under my nose.

The second vase can be found on the north side of the Flood Fortress. You want to climb the cliffs until you can jump onto the column with the sewer grate and water. If you went this way previously, you’ll note this vase wasn’t there before. Now you’ll see it’s sitting on the edge of remaining path. Once collected you can wait to turn in all coins together, or rush down to the Phoenix statue for your fortunes.

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The third and final vase can be found on the vine covered columns in the center of the area. It will have spawned on the landing right after climbing the first vine section from the ground.

Phoenix Fortunes

With all three coins collected, you need to grab all the fortunes, or the last one depending if you waited or not. The center area on the Phoenix Statue will shimmer and allow you to interact with it when you approach. Each coin spits out a numbered fortune. To complete this section of the Old Coin, you actually have to read each fortune.

Zeki’s Fortune

“No mere flesh can withstand the ravages of time.”

Fortune #1

“For millennia, Humankind has searched for the key to immortality.”

Fortune #2

“Finally, after much sacrifice, our intrepid researchers have found a solution deep in the heart of the forest.”

Fortune #3

“Dr. Fortuna’s All Natural, Mushroom-infused, Age-Defying, Multi-Vitamin is now available at a store near you! Present this coupon to save 10% on your first bottle.”

Return to Zeki for a good laugh at getting the wool pulled over your eyes by ancient humans that passed ages ago. Zeki makes a note of it as a good advertising idea and gives you a Lucky Coin for your trouble. You also earn 10 Renown for finishing the quest. The fortunes will stay in your inventory and can’t be stored in a Lockbox.

That’s how to complete The Old Coin quest in Palia. With update 0.166 new found item quests are starting to be discovered. If you’re stuck on one, check out our guide hub for help. We’ve got walkthroughs on the Great Human Bake-Off, the Ancient Battery main story quest, and how to get tree seeds for Prove Your Devotion.

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