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Palia: How to Get Emberseeker Medallions

Six Emberseeker Medallions are needed to complete the bundle in Palia.

Emberseeker Medallions are a new item introduced with the Temple of the Flames in Palia. A fire-themed token, they can be found in treasure chests throughout Bahari Bay. Necessary to complete the bundle in the Vault of the Flames, you’ll need to obtain six of them. Here’s how to get Emberseeker Medallions in Palia.

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How to Get Emberseeker Medallions in Palia

There are five new chests to be found in Bahari Bay. Jina discovered the sixth, and she gives you the medallion inside after you speak to her in the Night Sky Temple. This is near the Family Farm during the Vault of the Flames quest. The other five chests need to be found to get the token. If you follow a simple path through Bahari Bay, you can find all the treasure chests easily.

Hideaway Bluffs Treasure Chest

This is the closest chest to the entrance of Bahari Bay. Head to the cliffs just east of Hideaway Bluffs and enter the cave. There’s a lower area where you need to climb back up to get out. Here, there’s a section of ivy that you can walk through, revealing another drop-down section. At the bottom is a forgotten ruin with a chest with the first Emberseeker Medallion in it.

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Windy Ruins Treasure Chest

Next, head to the Windy Ruins. This chest is wedged between stone and a piece of ruined architecture just before you hit the beach. There will be a tree bridge on one side and a geyser launch point on the other, with a large Juniper tree next to it.

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Lighthouse Lagoon Treasure Chest

The third chest can be found in the Lighthouse Lagoon area, against the aqueduct wall. Head to the small section that juts out a bit, then climb up the slight raise. The chest is behind the vegetation, so you’ll need to wade through that before you can see it.

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Coral Shores Treasure Chest

Follow along the coast to the topmost edge of the map north of Coral Shores. The chest is hidden inside a wrecked boat, directly east of the Statue Garden words on the map. This Emberseeker Medallion chest is found before the ruin of the bridge that ends the map.

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Thorny Thicket Treasure Chest

To find the last Emberseeker Medallion in Palia, make your way to Thorny Thicket. The chest is in the center of the title on the map, near the upper waterfall on a small outcropping along the river that drains toward Tamala’s House. It’s hidden under some large tree roots.

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Emberseeker Medallion Bundle

Once you have all six Emberseeker Medallions, return to the Night Sky Temple. The Emberseeker Medallion Bundle is the only one that needs a single item. Completing it gives you the Emberborn Brazier, seen throughout the Temple of the Flames. This is one of the items of the new Emberborn furniture set, though it’s not a recipe you can build at this time.

That’s how to get Emberseeker Medallions in Palia. For more about the Temple of the Flames, how to summon the Kitsuu, or other quest walkthroughs, check out our guides library.

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