Palia: How to Get and Increase Focus

Focus is a crucial feature of leveling up in Palia. Here's how to get more.

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Focus is a unique mechanic in Palia that increases your skill XP gain. With a full bar, your additional XP gain is increased further, which makes leveling skills like fishing or hunting that much easier. Your bar can hold up to 200 points at the beginning of the game, so how do you fill it up all the way? Here’s how to get and increase Focus in Palia.

How to Get and Increase Focus in Palia

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The main way to get Focus in Palia is by eating food. You’ll get even more if the item you eat is star-quality.

  • Raw food, such as freshly caught fish or picked Mountain Morels, will give a small amount.
  • Cooked food is where the real gains are. Grilled Mushrooms provide 50 and is the first recipe you learn from Reth. The more complicated the recipe, the more it provides.

Getting advanced recipes and building your stove and prep station can take some time. Thankfully, the people of Palia often give cooked dishes as a reward for completing quests. Reth will give you vegetable soup, Delailah will offer you a choice of soups, and Auni will give you butter and milk. You can also buy soup from Reth at the Ormuu’s Horn if you’re really in need of some high-Focus meals.

How to Commune for Focus Effect Boost in Palia

There are two shrines at which you can commune for Focus.

  • The Dragon Shrine is found in Kilima Valley on the path between your plot and the entrance to Bahari Bay.
  • The Phoenix Shrine is found inside the ruins where you first appeared.

Communing at the Phoenix Shrine increases the Focus bonus you get by 5% each time. Communing at the Dragon Shrine increases your max Focus by 50 each time. If you’re looking to level a skill quickly, this may be a good investment to save time.

That’s how to get and increase Focus in Palia. You’ll want to keep your bar as filled as possible to get the best XP bonuses. For more on the cozy MMO, check out our guides section. It’s currently growing like the crops in our garden, covering the basics of fishing, how to make money quickly, and how to get your glider.

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