Palia: How to Get and Make Leather

If you need leather in Palia, this is how to get it.

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Leather is an important resource in Palia. Used in furniture building and to upgrade to the Standard Belt for insect catching, it’s also a quest items. The material is a frequently sought-after item, so it will pop up quite a bit as you expand your plot, meet new people, and explore the world around you. With that in mind, here’s how to get leather in Palia.

How to Get Leather in Palia

There are three definitive ways to get leather in Palia:

  • Buy it
  • Make it
  • Request it

You can also get some of the material in the mail from villagers as a present or as a reward for finishing quests. Those aren’t reliable sources, though, and don’t provide a steady supplying a steady of leather.

How to Buy Leather

You can simply buy leather from Hassian once you hit Level 2 in Hunting and unlock the guild shop. You can also purchase it from the Furniture Store in town as soon as you start the game. It costs 60 gold at both locations. This can get costly quickly if you need large amounts of leather for crafting.

How to Craft Leather

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The most cost-effective way to get leather is to craft it yourself. This actually increases two skills at once, since you’ll need to hunt and use your furniture building skills.

To start, you need to reach Furniture Building Level 2. Tish will contact you through the mail to say she has new recipes available and to speak to her. Once you find her, either in her shop during the day or visiting Jel in the evening, you can purchase the Fabric Loom plan. This is the crafter you need to make fabric.

To build the Fabric Loom, you’ll need:

  • Sapwood Plank x15
  • Plant Fiber x20
  • Copper Bar x2
  • Ceramic x5

Once built and placed, interact with the Fabric Loom to select which item to make, either fabric or leather. You’ll need 1 Sernuk Hide per 1 leather made. If you don’t have any one hand, you can find Sernuk in Kilima Valley, especially near the entrance to Bahari Bay, as well as in the bay itself. Head back and load in your hides to start processing them. The whole thing takes five minutes from start to finish for each piece.

How to Request Leather

Palia has a really nice community feature built into the social menu. Up to four times a day, you can request an item that you need. Other players can fulfill that request and give you the items through this system. If you really need leather and have little time to play, this could be the best way for you to get some.

That’s how to get leather in Palia. For more item, crafting or skill guides, check out our growing Palia guides hub. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from each NPC’s Weekly Wants, who you can date, and how to get Focus.

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