Where to Find and How to Catch Digtoise in Palworld

Catching a Digtoise makes mining for ores in Palworld a breeze. Here's where to find them.

A Digtoise among the rocks in Palworld
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If you’re looking for one of the best Mining Pals in Palworld, you need to get a Digtoise. These round, spinny boys make short work of any rocky deposit. Here, I’ll tell you how to find and catch Digtoise.

Where to Find Digtoise in Palworld

You find Digtoise fairly far northeast of the starting area, in a desert called the Twilight Dunes. You can beeline northwest, but I don’t recommend it. Pals and the human factions in this area are between Levels 15-20. You’ll lose to them if all you have is a few Level 10 Pals and some beginning gear.

Map location of Digtoise in Palworld
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At Twilight Dunes, Digtoise frequent the southeastern portion of the area. However, be cautious while hunting. The Anubis boss Pal wanders the central Twilight Dunes. As a level 47 enemy, expect to be sent straight to respawn if you anger it.

How to Catch Digtoise in Palworld

Attempting to catch a Digtoise in Palworld
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Digtoise are Ground-type Pals. Grass is their primary weakness. However, the Twilight Dunes are a hot environment. I bring hot weather clothing, but you can bring another source of cold. A trick I found is being close to Pals with the Cooling ability, which also helps with the desert heat.

I recommend using the Chillet Pal you get from an early boss fight. It comes equipped with some powerful attacks, and you can put a saddle on it and fight on its back or by its side. My biggest piece of advice for catching Digtoise? Withdraw your Pal when the enemy is low on health. Pals don’t care about catching Pals. They care about knockouts unless commanded not to attack.

Digtoise and Chillet fighting in the desert in Palworld
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Which Sphere is the Best to Use on Digtoise?

You can spam the default blue spheres until you catch the Digtoise if you’ve stockpiled them. That’s how I got mine, though mostly because I’m a stubborn fool. Instead, use Mega Spheres if you have them. Giga Spheres are a waste on Digtoise. Its capture rate isn’t so low that you need the extra help. I also increase Capture Power at a Statue of Power, though it’s not necessary.

There are usually five or six Digtoise in a specific area, and they run from you if you approach them aggressively. Hit them with an attack or a Pal attack to get them to stop and fight. You can take as much time as you need to add them to your workforce amazing group of Pal friends. As Mining specialists, they’re best used to farm Ore, Sulphur, and other rocky deposits.

And that’s how you find and catch Digtoise in Palworld. You’ll spend a few hours getting your team’s level and your personal gear ready to fight them, but once you have a few, there’s no Mining task you can’t overcome. For more Palworld content, check out our guides hub.

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