Party Animals Achievement Skins

Learn how to unlock all Party Animals achievement skins for free.

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Party Animals is stocked with unlockable content through achievements including in-game currency, frames, and best of all skins. Perform various challenges and unlock free skins for almost all characters in the game. Let us show you how to unlock all achievement skins in Party Animals.

All Party Animals Achievement Skins

You can find all the unlockable free skins here for each character. Simply locate your favorite critter and check the requirements for the achievement. Once you complete it, the corresponding skin will automatically unlock.


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  • Jack and Rose — Lava Macchiato: In Ice Breaker, survive with your teammate to the end of the game (Quick Match).
  • Fly Me To The Moon — Lava Raincoat Macchiato: In Safely Afloat, win 5 Quick Matches.


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  • Mine Cart Carnage — Lava Underbite: In Safely Afloat, push the mine cart off the cliff (Quick Match).
  • Patte d’Or — Lava Ancient Underbite: In Beast Soccer, win 5 Quick Matches.
  • Who Did That — Goldtooth Underbite: Throw item and knock out 5 opponents as a spectator (requires more than 6 human players when the game ends).
  • Band of Brothers — Goldtooth Ancient Underbite: Party up and win 10 Quick Matches with friends.


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  • Fireworks — Lava Curtis: In Typhoon, grab the missile for at least one second 3 times (Quick Match).
  • The Mighty Ducks — Insane Curtis: In Beast Hockey, win 5 Quick Matches.


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  • Tarzan — Lava Barbie: In Beat-Up Bridge, survive over 20 seconds after the main rope tears and win the round (Quick Match).
  • Airline VIP — Lava Banana Barbie: In Trebuchet, ride in the launched trebuchet 10 times in one game (Quick Match).


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  • Piece of Cake — Golden Carrot: Win Last Stand Quick Match in exactly 3 rounds.
  • Mission: Impossible — Insane Carrot: In Blackhole Lab, win the round before the 2nd black hole generates (Quick Match).


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  • Diamond Merchant — Lava Coco: In Into The Game, score 20 diamonds on your own in one game and win (Quick Match).
  • Fight Everywhere — Dark PJ Coco: Win 20 Custom Games in different maps (requires more than 6 human players when the game ends).


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  • Hot Shot — Golden Harry: Win 5 consecutive matches in Quick Match.
  • Touch Down — Lava Storm Harry: In Broken Arrow, survive over 2 min 30 sec in one round (Quick Match).


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  • Nemo For Speed — Golden Bacon: Earn a 3-star rating in the Tutorial.
  • Ice Block — Veggie Bacon: In Ichiban, freeze yourself from being eliminated by the mist and win the round (Quick Match).


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  • Friends — Silver Bruce: Get 10 Friends.
  • 666 — Lava Hoop Bruce: In Buzz Ball, score all the points on your own for your team and win (Quick Match).


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  • Working Dog — Lava Max: In Fluffy Redemption, throw 10 coal pieces into the firebox without being eliminated (Quick Match).
  • Keep On Keeping On — Silver Rich Max: Complete all Weekly Challenges for 3 consecutive weeks.


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  • G-Man — Gordon Nemo: In Blackhole Lab, win 5 Quick Matches.
  • Platinum Animal — Platinum Nemo: Unlock 92 Achievements.


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  • Ball Weapon — Silver Hammer: In Beast Football, long pass and knock out opponent (Quick Match).


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  • Chill in The Wind — Lava Yurusa: In Wind Tunnel, win one game without grabbing levers and gates (Quick Match).


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  • Hot Dog — Lava Kimono Hachi: In Winter Is Coming, win the game without being frozen (Quick Match).


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  • Surfer Dogs — Blue MoonMoon: In Gator Valley, win the game with a teammate without falling off the floating bridge (Quick Match).


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  • Navy OTTERs — Golden Otta: In Typhoon, win 5 Quick Matches.

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  • Who’s Laughing Now — Golden Sparky: At the moment of taking pictures, be the only one who has not been knocked out.


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  • The Dream Team — Dark Boxer Uni: Party up and win 5 consecutive Quick Matches with friends.

How that you know all the achievement skins in Party Animals, you can better focus how you tackle certain minigames to unlock them. Style is everything in this game after all. If you are interested in more guides on the game, check out our Party Animals hub.

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