Path of Exile Thread of Hope Guide

Here's how to beat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds and obtain Thread of Hope in Path of Exile.

Here's how to beat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds and obtain Thread of Hope in Path of Exile.

Thread of Hope is a crimson jewel in Path of Exile, which allows players to pick up notables and stronger minor nodes without pathing through attributes or unwanted nodes. 

This jewel only affects passives in rings of four sizes: small, medium, large, and very large. If you’ve the used Intuitive Leap jewel, then you have an idea of how to use Thread of Hope. 

How to Get Thread of Hope in Path of Exile

Unlike most jewels, including Brutal Restraint, Thread of Hope cannot be acquired from a vendor. The only way to obtain it is to beat the final boss of the Atlas of Worlds end-game map system: Sirus, Awakener of Worlds. This fight consists of several phases; here’s how to beat each phase. 

You’ll need to use the following in your fight to make things much easier:

  • Corrupted Jewel to make yourself immune to Corrupted Blood
  • Soul of Shakari to guard against poison status
  • Any potion or enchantment that guards against freeze status
  • Flame Dash skill to dodge Sirus attacks and teleport to safety zones
Sirus Phase 1

Once you reach Sirus, he will fire a series of ranged beams. All you need to do is run in circles around him to avoid the beams. Stay inside the red circle and avoid the purple fire around him by getting in close. Deal damage to him whenever you can until phase two begins.

The end of each phase is accompanied by a storm cloud that chases you around the arena. Avoid these by moving to the very edge of the arena, then come back to the center to start the next phase. Repeat this step at the end of each phase.

Sirus Phase 2

Phase 2 sees Sirus use Hyper Beam Barrage, a series of randomly moving projectiles. You need to pay attention to their patterns and avoid them at all costs.

At times, Sirus will also create mazes and impassable corridors that will lock you inside, making you vulnerable to his beam charges. The only way past these is to avoid them entirely

Sirus Phase 3

In the last phase, Sirus will repeat the same attacks before splitting into several clones. When he does this, always follow the very first copy of Sirus, as that’s the real one that takes damage.

He will also use his Multiclone Beam and Spinning Negation Beams attacks. Beware as each clone will multiply the number of projectiles fired at you, and be sure to avoid being surrounded by the Sirus clones by staying away from their circle.

Lastly, Sirus will occasionally use Converging Beams, Meteor Strikes, and Meteor Geysers in each of the phases, but you can avoid these by constantly moving.

Once you beat him, Sirus will drop a number of unique items, one of which is the Thread of Hope jewel.

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