Payday 3: How to Turn Off Power to the Gate and Flip the Right Switches

Here's how to turn off the power to the vault gate and flip the right switches in Payday 3's No Rest for the Wicked.

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There are multiple ways to complete a heist in Payday 3. Maybe you go in guns blazing, shooting guards and taking hostages. But maybe you go in quiet instead of loud. You meticulously make your way through an area using cunning and guile. In the game’s first mission, you may want to do the latter, which requires some patience and puzzle-solving. Here’s how to turn off the power to the gate and flip the right switches in Payday 3 No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Turn Off Power to the Gate and Flip the Right Switches in Payday 3

The Secure Capital Bank has two stories, and you’ll need to explore both to get to the vault. As you enter, stay left to find the vault gate, a chain-link-covered door. 

How to Turn Off Power to the Gate

To turn off power to the vault gate, pick the lock on the door to the right of the gate and the water cooler. This leads behind the teller station. It requires four successful attempts. Be wary of being seen by the guards and executives nearby. Crouching helps here. 

With the door open, pull the lever on the circuit breaker box on the wall inside and to the left. 

How to Disable the Security System: Find the Red Keycard

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With the breaker shut off, leave the teller station and go to the far right side of the bank. Go through the double doors labeled Staff Only. 

Things get tricky here. You’re looking for a red keycard to open a door with a red lock. Both locations are random, but here’s what I found after playing the mission 20 times. 

  • The red keycard can be on the belt loop of either the first-floor guard behind the double doors or the second-floor guard. One always carries the red keycard, while the other always carries the blue one for the security camera room.
  • The red keycard door to flip the right switches can be in three places: on the roof, on the second floor across from the lounge, or on the second floor by the elevator and kitchen. 

Where to Find the Red Keycard Door in No Rest for the Wicked

Listen to the dialog after you turn off the power to the vault door. Shade will either mention the roof or upstairs.

  • If it’s the roof, the door is on the roof, and the keycard is likely on the second-floor guard.
  • If you enter the double doors and there’s a camera on the left-hand wall as soon as you enter, the red keycard is likely on the first-floor guard, and the door is on the second floor. 

Sneak up behind the guard and pilfer the red keycard. Use it to open the door. Inside, hack the computer, then interact with the controller panel to the right. 

The control panel shows you a symbol and color. Mine was blue for nine runs, green for five, and white for six. Whatever it is, memorize it and return to the vault gate. 

Important Note: If you’re going for a stealth run or want to open the vault door without going loud, flip the right switches at the panel in the Staff Only area, not the bank’s lobby.

How to Flip the Right Switches in No Rest For the Wicked

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Back at one of the gates, open the panel (to the bottom right in the lobby; to the bottom left in the Staff Only area). You’ll see several switches of different colors. Flip the switch that’s your color from the controller panel to open the gate.

That’s how to turn off the power and flip the right switches in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3. The blue keycard lets you enter the surveillance room, where you can tamper with the bank’s cameras. Though, it’s not necessary to complete the heist; it just makes things easier. For more, check out our PD3 guides hub

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