Phasmophobia — Do Footprints Count as Fingerprints?

Can you count footprints as fingerprint evidence for your ghost hunt?

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Evidence is key in Phasmophobia and some of the most foolproof evidence you can gather is fingerprints. Using an ultraviolet light, you’ll expose fingerprints on surfaces the spirit has touched, including light switches, if they have that type of evidence listed. While using the ultraviolet light, you may have noticed footprints appear. Do these footprints count as evidence under fingerprints? Here’s the answer.

Do Footprints Count as Fingerprint Evidence in Phasmophobia? Answered

Footprints can be seen in piles of salt as well as appear under ultraviolet light. If shown under ultraviolet, you can use the UV Flashlight or or a UV Glowstick. Since those are the same methods used to uncover fingerprint evidence, you may think that footprints are categorized under fingerprints as evidence. Unfortunately, footprints do not count as fingerprints in Phasmophobia.

Currently, fingerprints and footprints, though they both can show with UV light, are categorized differently as evidence. Footprints don’t count as evidence in regards to the three evidence types a ghost gives off. They can be used, however, to narrow down some of those options due to the information given in the journal.

Ultraviolet Changes

As part of the various quality of life, and tool updates the team at Kinetic Games has been working on, it was confirmed that Fingerprint evidence will be changed into Ultraviolet. The update is still in progress with only a post giving us an idea of the incoming changes. Once live, it appears that footprints shown under UV light will count as UV evidence.

Whether this will be how it works remains to be seen. I, for one, hope that this is how the UV changes will work. Should both fingerprints and footprints start counting as the same evidence then we’ll update this guide for you. For more on Phasmophobia, take a peek at the rest of our guides.

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