How to discern and survive a Raiju in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: Raiju Survival Guide

How to discern and survive a Raiju in Phasmophobia.
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The Raiju is one three new ghosts to Phasmophobia and stands as the most dangerous of the three. In fact, the Raiju is such a powerful ghost when it hunts that it may be even more deadly than the Revenant. You need to play carefully once you realize the ghost you’re dealing with is a Raiju.

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How to Determine a Ghost Is a Raiju

The Raiju is one of the few ghosts that can initiate a hunt at above 50% Sanity. It is able to start hunting between 60% and 70% Sanity, putting it in league with other aggressive ghosts such as Demon, Banshee, Yokai, and Onryo as one that can attack before you’re prepared.

It is only possible for the Raiju to initiate a hunt in the 60% to 70% Sanity range if there are electronic devices near the ghost — which is nearly a guarantee. The EMF Reader, Thermometer, Parabolic Mic, both Flashlights, D.O.T.S. Projector, Photo Cameras, and Video Cameras can all trigger the Raiju to hunt early.

Cruelly, the three pieces of evidence needed for the Raiju are presently:

  • EMF 5
  • Ghost Orbs
  • D.O.T.S.

There is almost no avoiding this ghost hunting early.

This isn’t the worst thing about this particular this, however. What makes Raiju so dangerous is it moves faster around electronic equipment during hunts. It will haul absolute butt regardless of whether it has line of sight on a player.

Luckily its speed near electronics is a dead giveaway as to the the sort of ghost it is when hunting, as the Raiju sounds almost like it’s galloping

How to Survive a Raiju

To deal with the Raiju, you’ll want to move all triggering electronics out of the house if you want to take pictures and complete other objectives after you’ve discerned what it is.

Electronics in the player’s hand will also enable this ability, meaning if you have any sort of electronic on in your hands it will speed up when it’s close to you.

It’s imperative to turn off your handheld electronics, and in a rare twist you do not want to drop your Photo Camera when fleeing. Because the Photo Cam stays on when dropped on the floor, it enables the Raiju to move faster within its radius. It can be deadly! Swap to a different item in your hand instead. Do not drop your camera.

Notably, Motion and Sound Sensors do not feed the Raiju’s speed.

The Raiju does not move faster than a Revenant when its speed ability is enabled, which is a boon. However, it is able to move fast regardless of whether it sees you or not and that is what makes it even deadlier in most scenarios.

Every electronic you’ll have set up will be working against you when up against a Raiju and its early hunting capabilities can make short work of inexperienced players. Keep your ears open for quick steps if you get an early hunt, you may just be able to identify the Raiju and sweep up the other objectives before it gets too aggressive.

Good luck surviving the next Raiju you encounter! If this guide helped you better understand this ghost, check out our guides on how to survive The Twins and how to survive an Onryo in Phasmophobia.

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