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Pikmin 4 Pin Set, Tote Bag, and More: What Pre-Order Bonuses Did You Miss?

Pikmin 4 had some novel pre-order bonuses that aren't just in-game items. Here's what you may have missed out on.

Pikmin 4 pre-order holders got some interesting early items depending on the retailer they bought the game from. While the tote bag from Best Buy and the stainless steel water bottle from Walmart are both quite nice, the community is currently paying special attention to the Pikmin 4 pin set pre-order from GameStop pre-orders.

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What Were the Pikmin 4 Pre-order Bonuses?

Four North American retailers had their own special Pikmin 4 pre-order bonuses, each one physical and worth the pick up. There’s no point in pre-ordering multiple times, though. Whether you pre-ordered or waited until release, there’s bound to be some envy over the goodies you didn’t get.

Pikmin 4 Keychain

Those who pre-ordered at Target got a very fancy keychain, with the little Pikmin looking like they’re growing from the chain itself. Very cute!

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Pikmin 4 Pin Set

The pre-order bonus from GameStop is making some waves as the Pikmin 4 pin set that pre-order holders got is absolutely adorable. You’ll notice some of the Pikmin present here aren’t on the keychain! It’s almost a shame you can’t get the Pikmin 4 pin set past today.

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Pikmin 4 Tote Bag

Those who pre-ordered at Best Buy were given this snazzy Pikmin 4 tote bag. The vine design on the side is a nice touch. This is one of the more functional pre-order bonuses for the game, and probably the most unique in terms of design.

Image via Best Buy

Pikmin 4 Water Bottle

If you happened to pre-order at Walmart, you got another functional item: a stainless steel Pikmin 4 water bottle. I really like the pin set, but I would have pre-ordered at Walmart if I paid attention. It’s probably best not to put this one through the dishwasher!

Image via Walmart

Pikmin 4 Phone Holder (UK Only)

An honorable mention not available in the United States is the Pikmin 4 mobile phone holder pre-order bonus from the Nintendo UK. This one’s a little more delicate than the US bonuses, but it’s certainly functional and cute. This one might be particularly expensive down the line.

Image via Nintendo UK

As Pikmin 4 is finally out today, there’s no way to get these goodies anymore unless you take to Ebay or asking at your local branches of these retailers this weekend to see if they have any of them left over. That’s the only way you’ll be able to get the Pikmin 4 pin set, water bottle, keychain, or tote bag without dealing with scalping prices. Unfortunately, U.S. residents will have to do just that to get the phone holder.

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