Need to bump up your active and passive skills for the percent Pillars 2 build? These trainers will help out ... for a price.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Skill Trainer Locations Guide

Need to bump up your active and passive skills for the percent Pillars 2 build? These trainers will help out ... for a price.

Whether exploring the endless tunnels beneath The Gullet or attempting to identify a forgotten shrine on some uncharted island, your Pillars of Eternity 2 character will need to have a solid skill loadout to survive.

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If you’ve been busy sinking ships and looting their cargo like a proper pirate, the Watcher’s skills can be increased significantly by spending money at hidden skill trainers.

Heading straight to all these skill trainer locations when you have extra cash on hand will give you an edge in scripted events and help round out the Watcher’s abilities if you only focused on a small number of skills at character creation.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Trainer Locations

Each trainer charges 3,000 coins to raise one active and one passive skill. Note that there are several other ways to boost your skills without spending money at the hidden trainers scattered across the game, which can be quite expensive if you visit all of them.

A party-wide bonus is applied to skill checks based on how many party members have points in that skill. By adding a few points in specific skills to all party members, you can effectively bump up the Watcher’s skill sets in any given event or dialogue.

Most of the pets found across the Archipelago also provide some sort of skill or attribute bonus, so if you want to bump up a specific stat further without spending money at a trainer, check out our full guide on every single Pillars of Eternity 2 pet location here.

If you’ve got the coins to burn though, let’s get started finding all the trainers found from Neketaka to Sayuka!

History/Arcana Trainer
  • Location: Neketaka (Serpent’s Crown)

Geirvard Calder is found at the palace in Serpent’s Crown. To reach him, go up to the roof (the stairs on the northwest side of the second floor), then take one of the two southern staircases labeled Serpent’s Crown. While they seem like they are exits out of the palace, they actually both take you out onto the palace terrace to a small map with a pet and a trainer. 

 Serpent’s Crown first  trainer location

Survival/Athletics Trainer
  • Location: Neketaka (Serpent’s Crown)

The next trainer is also found in the palace in Serpent’s Crown, so you can grab him right before or after talking to Geirvard. If you enter through the palace’s lower floor doorway, you will find shieldbearer Granis Yirgar in the Hall Of Remembrance on the east side.

If you chose the Paladin of St. Elgca class option at the beginning of the game, he also has some extra surprise dialogue for you about his distinctive armor.

 Serpent’s Crown second trainer location

Alchemy/Religion Trainer
  • Location: Neketaka (Sacred Stair)

The trainer named Mark van der Bij is found sitting on the stairs at the east side of Magran’s Temple in the Sacred Stair area of Neketaka (near the cat pet). 

 Sacred Stair trainer location

Stealth/Metaphysics Trainer
  • Location: Dunnage

To find this trainer, sail to the far west side of the map to the free city of Dunnage. Kae Polzech is found on the northwest side of the Lifter’s Refuge map area (the docks where you first land in Dunnage).

 First Dunnage trainer location

Sleight Of Hand/Diplomacy Trainer
  • Location: Dunnage

Carlo Fortuni is standing directly next to the previous trainer in the Lifter’s Refuge section of the free city of Dunnage.

 Second Dunnage trainer location

Explosives/Mechanics Trainer
  • Location: Dunnage

Elias Zellen is found at the western side of The King’s Coffin tavern in the free city of Dunnage.

 Third Dunnage trainer location

Bluff/Streetwise Trainer
  • Location: Dunnage

After finding the three previous trainers in Dunnage, head over to the Radiant Court map section. You will find Co’el Marcellus on the far east side, near the stairs.

 Fourth Dunnage trainer location

Insight/Intimidate Trainer
  • Location: Sayuka

To find this trainer, sail northwest of Neketaka to a small island with the port town of Sayuka. The old sea dog Morofeto Liano can be found on the docks at the southwest side.

Ironically, you can then use your increased Intimidate skill to force him to give you the magic amulet Claim And Refusal, which can either increase or decrease your damage dealt and received (depending on which half of the amulet’s ability is active).

 Sayuka trainer location

The open world of the Deadfire Archipelago is absolutely huge, so there may be more trainers to be found in hidden locations.

Check back soon as we update this list with other trainers, and check out our other Pillars of Eternity 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

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