Knowing when to move up to the next level in the Crusades and how to order your boats is key to winning.

Pirate Power Crusade Tips

Knowing when to move up to the next level in the Crusades and how to order your boats is key to winning.
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Pirate Power has an adventure you can go on everyday called the Crusades. This part of Pirate Power allows you to fight 12 battles in a row with all your boats and you can not heal your boats. These Crusades allow you to build up money, Crusade Hearts and other resources. The Crusades can be played every 24 hours. To be able to do the Crusades your overall experience level has to be at 12. Once you reach that you start at level 1 for the Crusades. The biggest plus you get from the Crusades is getting a lot of money you will need to build up your boats and move on through the story mode.

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You can start preparing for the Crusades even before you can play it. You can prepare by buying a new boat at every chance you can and begin to build up your fleet of boats. The Crusades are all about endurance, so the more boats you have that are building their attack and defense the better you will do in the Crusades.

A neat way to build up your boats without getting too focused on one boat is by doing the weekly events. Your first three boats should be a Pirate, a Navarre and a Dandolo. One week one of the weekly events could be Skeletus and it is seen on the map along with other islands. You may only be able to use a Navarre boat to battle against the Skeletus. So that week spend your money and resources on building up your Navarre boat to get far in the Skeletus battles. Doing the weekly events helps you build up your fleet over time.

Crusade Battling 

There are 12 battles to win a Crusade and get to the very last grand prize treasure chest. Every 3 battles you receive a treasure chest, the last one being the grand prize treasure chest that has a lot of gold coins.

You normally have one boat that is stronger than the rest. When you click on your fleet order, put the weakest boats first in your fleet with your strongest last. As you move through the battles they start getting harder so it is good to have your strongest boats good and full of health, ready to take on the harder and stronger boats at the end to get the full prize. Trust me not getting that full prize is very annoying. -_-

When to move up to the next level in the Crusades

As I just said, not getting that full prize is annoying because it takes longer to level up. You need the money! So keep doing the same level until you know you can move up. You know you can move up when all your boat levels are above a certain level.

For example for level 4 in the Crusades, right below the level 4 it says 2000 at the top right. That means all the boats in level 4 of the Crusades are 2000 or below. You can go to level 4 when all your boats are above 2000. Or at least one.


The place you find out your boat’s score is when you click on your boat at your dock. Here you can switch between boats and you will see the name of your boat and the score at the top left.


Your experience of Pirate Power can be much more enjoyable if you use the Crusades correctly. And that is all you needed to know about the Crusades. If you have anymore tips put them in the comments!

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