Everything you need to know to successfully tame both the Pegasus and the Fairy Dragon in PixARK.

PixARK Guide – How to Tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon

Everything you need to know to successfully tame both the Pegasus and the Fairy Dragon in PixARK.

PixARK has some truly incredible tamable creatures. Among them are the elusive Pegasus and Fairy Dragon, both of which have their own quirks that really help with surviving in this dangerous land.

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The Pegasus is a special Magic Creature that can be tamed early and doesn’t require a saddle to be ridden. The Fairy Dragon, on the other hand, comes with a neat shield ability and has decent mobility, making it a great flying scout mount to have once you’re at a high enough level to craft a saddle.

Neither of these are especially easy to tame, however. Not only do they require unconventional taming methods as Magic Creatures, but since they both fly and have a Passive temperament, they’re rather difficult to actually corner for the Knockout. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon of your own.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

How to Tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon in PixARK

Both the Fairy Dragon and the Pegasus spawn in and around the Golden Realm biome (the location pictured in the header). It’s a pretty dangerous place, so tread with caution. The creatures you’re looking to tame are Passive, so they won’t attack you, but you need to defend yourself from the creatures that will.

They’re both Knockout Tames, so be sure to bring a Bow or Crossbow with plenty of Magic Sleepy Arrows. It won’t take too many Magic Sleepy Arrows to knock either of them out, but they will fly away when hit, making it hard to keep up with them on foot. It’s recommended that you either have a flying mount that you can fire your bow on or some way to trap it.

PixARK Guide How to Tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon

It’s near-impossible to lead these creatures where you want them, so the best trap you can hope for is a cave or a good crevice in a mountain or something like that. Once you shoot your target, you should have a few extra seconds to get off another shot or two, as it’ll take awhile to take off running. Since Magic Sleepy Arrows build up Torpor instantly, you’re not wasting ammo by rapid-firing them at the creature, unlike with normal Sleepy Arrows.

Once the Pegasus or Fairy Dragon is Unconscious, plop some Magic Berries from the Magic Forest in their inventory and wait for the Taming bar to fill. If the Unconscious meter gets too low, make sure to use Narcoberries or Sleepy Potions on the creature to keep them knocked out until they’re fully tamed. For more tips, be sure to check out our full Taming Guide.

Have you found any easier ways of cornering a Pegasus or a Fairy Dragon? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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