Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Peashooter Ability Customization Guide

Want to know about the new abilities for the Peashooter? Then, check out this guide for full details on each.

The latest DLC for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is the Garden Variety Pack. This free DLC added A new stage called Chomp Town, new game mode called Gnome Bomb, new customizations, and alternate versions of each character’s abilities. When you unlock an alternate ability, you can choose between the old or new version at the character screen, just like changing a variant.

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The Peashooter’s ability changes are pretty straightforward, but effective. You can gather more zombies with the Sombrero Chili Bean Bomb, take out enemies faster with Retro Gatling Pea, and jump higher with the Super Jump Pea Jump. I’ll go over each new ability, the differences between the old and new, and more.

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This guide will cover everything about the alternate abilities for Peashooter including:

  • Peashooter Alternate Abilities – What they are and what they do.
  • Ability Differences – How the new abilities compare to the old ones.
  • Ability Tips – When to use each version of the abilities and combat tips.

Peashooter Alternate Abilities

The normal abilities for the Peashooter are: Pea Gatling, Hyper, and Chili Bean Bomb. The alternate abilities are, Retro Gatling, Super Pea Jump, and Sombrero Chili Bean Bomb.

Retro Gatling

The Retro Gatling is a slower version of Pea Gatling, but it does more damage. The damage increase is significant and the slower fire means it is easier to hit enemies.

Ability Tips

There is usually never a reason to choose the normal one over the newer one, unless you’re doing Garden Ops and want to plow through a lot of summoned zombies.

The slower fire could be a problem when enemies get closer, but by that time you should move anyway.

Super Pea Jump

The Super Pea Jump takes away the increased movement speed of Hyper, but it allows you to jump higher than the normal ability. Now Soldiers aren’t the only ones getting to the highest places on the map.

Ability Tips

This is best used to get to higher or harder to reach places that the normal Hyper can’t handle. When you want to get the best high ground, and plan on staying there a while, go with Super Pea Jump.

Hyper is still best overall because the speed boost is very helpful with chasing down enemies and escaping them. If you don’t need the speed boost, then try this alternate version.

Sombrero Chili Bean Bomb

The Sombrero Chili Bean Bomb has a bigger blast radius than the normal Chili Bean Bomb. In exchange, it takes longer for it to explode. It also wears a sombrero so you can see the difference.

Ability Tips

The longer fuse time of the Sombrero Chili Bean Bomb sometimes causes problems in competitive game modes because it gives the enemy a longer time to get away.

The increased radius makes up for it though and if you use it right, you can get a bigger group of players. This is also best in Garden Ops because it will allow more summoned zombies to gather around the Chili Bean Bomb before exploding, getting more kills.

Use the new one to get potentially more kills and the old one when you need to kill faster.

That wraps up the alternate abilities for the Peashooter. If you have any questions, or suggestions, then let me know in the comments below.

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