Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Scientist Variants Guide

Need help deciding which Scientist best suits you? Then, check out this detailed variant guide for everything you need to know.

The Scientist is my favorite Zombie class in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, and let me tell you why. You can get a lot of kills by warping and shooting Plants in the face. Their healing stations are the fastest heal in the game, though inconvenient in mobile fights. They also look pretty cool and their variants have a wide range of abilities.

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I’ll be going over each Scientist variant, what they do, and tips for each when needed. I’ll be giving details on their ammo, damage, range, and more as well. You’ll have all the info needed to pick a Scientist variant that best fits you. If you want the basics on the Scientist class, check out my Scientist Class Guide.

For tips on anything else, visit the Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the Scientist variants including:

  • Scientist Variants – Each variant and what they do.
  • Class Variant Tips – Tips for each variant, when necessary.

Scientist Variants

  • Default variant. Uses a Goo Blaster that shoots like a shotgun.
  • Upgrades – Higher Capacity Goo Tanks, Perfect Rapid Reloader, Zomboss Enhanced Goo.
    • Higher Capacity Goo Tanks – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Perfect Rapid Reloader – Makes reloading faster.
    • Zomboss Enhanced Goo – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Purple Goo #2
    • Reload – Fast
    • Damage Type – Spray Impact Damage
    • Range – Short to Mid
  • Uses the Chemical Beaker Blaster as a primary weapon. Has an extremely close range, but does more damage.
  • Upgrades – Unobtainium Compression, Experimental Reload Kabob, Enhanced Unobtainium Spray.
    • Unobtainium Compression – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Experimental Reload Kabob – Makes reloading faster.
    • Enhanced Unobtainium Spray – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Liquid Unobtainium
    • Reload – Slow
    • Damage Type – Impact Damage
    • Range – Short
  • This is amazing at close range. It may have a slower reload, but the damage is fantastic. Just make sure you are very close when attacking.
  • Uses an EMP Frazzle Launcher as the primary weapon. Has a longer range than normal, but still best used at close range.
  • Upgrades – Super Flux Inhibitor, Pristine Reloader, Positronic Damage Blammer.
    • Super Flux Inhibitor – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Pristine Reloader – Makes reloading faster.
    • Positronic Damage Blammer – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – EMP Blast
    • Reload – Slow
    • Damage Type – Electric Shock Spray
    • Range – Short
  • It may say close range, but it can shoot farther. The farther you are though, the less damage it does.
Dr. Toxic
  • Uses a Radiation Blaster as its primary weapon. Has a toxic aura that damages nearby Plants and its primary attack causes toxic damage over time.
  • Upgrades – Enriched Urbanium Storage, Toxic Reloader, More Toxic Toxins.
    • Enriched Urbanium Storage – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Toxic Reloader – Makes reloading faster.
    • More Toxic Toxins – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo Toxic Whatnots
    • Reload – Fast
    • Damage Type – Spray Toxic Damage
    • Range – Short to Mid
  • Great for groups of enemies. Mixing the heal station with moving around and shooting the Plants can cause great havoc. As long as you’re alive, you’re doing constant area damage to any Plant near you.
  • Throw some grenades on the ground and keep moving for maximum damage.
  • Uses a Moon Rock Launcher as its primary weapon. Has the longest range of the Scientists and great accuracy.
  • Upgrades – Moon Rock Capacity Booster, Airtight Reload Matrix, Less Crumbly Moon Rocks.
    • Moon Rock Capacity Booster – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Airtight Reload Matrix – Makes reloading faster.
    • Less Crumbly Moon Rocks – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Moon Rocks
    • Reload – Medium
    • Damage Type – Impact
    • Range – Mid to Long
  • If you want a long-range Scientist, this is the one you want. Its great accuracy at a distance is also very helpful.
  • You can heal from a distance and still take out Plants.
Marine Biologist
  • Uses a Dolphin Blaster as its primary weapon. Slightly higher range and faster shots.
  • Upgrades – Improved Dolphin Hunger, Less Slippery Fish, Genetically Modified Fish.
    • Improved Dolphin Hunger – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Less Slippery Fish – Makes reloading faster.
    • Genetically Modified Fish – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Fishy Remains
    • Reload – Fast
    • Damage Type – Spray Impact Damage
    • Range – Short to Mid
  • This variant is great if you want a slightly faster and longer range Scientist. The Dolphin Blaster is also a nice touch.

This wraps up the Scientist variants guide. If you have any questions, or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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