Spawn points and Ingress and Pidgeys, oh my!

Pokemon Go Hack: Pokemon Spawn at the Same Place Every Hour

Spawn points and Ingress and Pidgeys, oh my!

Hey there, loyal trainers! Tired of chasing after those rare types that just never seem to pop up any where but that one place? Well, there may be a reason why.

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Word is coming up through the grapevine that Pokemon will respawn in a set location, every hour on the minute. In a recent Reddit post, user NiceRiceforPrice suggests that those tricky spawn points work on a schedule — meaning that Dratini you found at the corner where you buy your latte could be there again in another sixty minutes.

Spawn Points aren’t Easy to Find

If they were, everybody would be rocking Gyrados and Dragonite. However, there may be a way to figuring out where these points may be.

Ingress, a game Niantec made before PoGo, runs on pretty much the same engine, and the Pokemon spawn points are based on high-trafic areas on the Ingress maps.

Ingress map

You can more in our guide about how to use Ingress to find Pokemon spawn points. But the TL;DR is that the Ingress maps will show you high-traffic areas, which is how Niantic chose the spawn points for its Pokemon. The image above shows a shopping center, where, obviously, a lot of people go. Starts to make sense, then as to why you can find a lot of Pidgeys outside your local Target.

Before You Get Too Comfy…

We have the when and the where. Every hour at the traffic-heavy spawn points from Niantic’s previous game. So does this mean you can stop walking around like a vagabond and set up shop to farm Pokemon? Ditch steps and pitch tents? Campin’ out in the quad for, y’know, that useless starter who doesn’t do shi–

Maybe, maybe not. Tentatively, I would advise aspiring trainers to hold off on settling down wherever that awesoem Pokemon spawned that one time. This theory, while tempting to try, is still just a claim and remains untested. Personally, I plan on giving it a go and seeing what I find.

Gone through the trial and error and found if the theory works? Let us know in the comments!

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