Pokemon Go Special Items Guide – How to Get and Use Special Items

Time to hunt for these special items to make some of your Pokémon even greater!

Time to hunt for these special items to make some of your Pokémon even greater!

With a whole host of new items and Pokémon now added in Pokémon GO with the latest update, comes brand new ways on evolving new and existing Pokémon. This is done by finding special evolution items throughout the world.

Special evolution items (known by some as upgrade items) are found by spinning Pokéstops, preferably as frequently as possible. Some players report you have a higher chance of getting special items just by spinning the same Pokéstop several days in a row.

The special items in Pokémon Go should be familiar to anyone who played gen 2. The special items are as follows:

  • King’s Rock
  • Dragon Scale
  • Sun Stone
  • Metal Coat
  • Up-Grade

All you need to do is collect the required amount of candies as usual and get lucky with finding one of these new evolution items at a Pokestop…then you can evolve!

This little guide  will tell you which special items you need to get for the new evolutions in PGO.

Special Item: King’s Rock

Slowpoke to Slowking

(Slowpoke usually evolves in Slowbro)

Poliwhirl to Politoad

(Poliwhirl usually evolves into Poliwrath)

Special Item: Dragon Scale

Seadra to Kingdra

(This is a direct evolve. Seadra is evolved from Horsea)

Special Item: Sun Stone

Gloom to Bellossom

(Gloom usually evolves into Vileplume)

Sunkern to Sunflora

(This is a direct evolution)

Special Item: Metal Coat

Scyther to Scizor

(In Gen 1, Scyther did not evolve into anything so this is a direct evolution)

Onix to Steelix

(As with Scyther, Onix did not evolve into anything in Gen 1. This is a direct evolution)

Special Item: Upgrade

Porygon to Porygon2

(Porygon is a man-made Pokémon made from programming code. The Up-Grade to Porygon2 is just further code)

Have you been lucky to find one of these rare items? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a comment below!

[Individual Pokémon images from Bulbapedia]

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