Trading pocket monsters online is easy. Here's the rundown on every way to trade in Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Home: How to Trade and Get the Pokemon You Want

Trading pocket monsters online is easy. Here's the rundown on every way to trade in Pokemon Home.
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You can now trade your entire Pokemon collection around the world in Pokemon Home. While the four different types of trades are a bit confusing at first, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Below, we outline all the ways you can trade Pokemon over the network in Pokemon Home. Note that you can only make trades in the iOS and Android versions of Pokemon Home, not the Switch version.

How to Trade in Pokemon Home

The mobile version of Pokemon Home has four different internet trading methods. Some of this functionality is limited for Pokemon Home players who don’t subscribe to the Pokemon Home Premium Plan.

Wonder Box

Think of Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Surprise Trade feature, and you have the Wonder Box. Place whatever Pokemon you’d like to trade away inside of the Wonder Box, and it will be randomly traded for another Pokemon.

Unlike Surprise Trade, however, you can store multiple Pokemon in the Wonder Box at one time. For basic users, that’s three Pokemon at once, whereas that number increases to 10 for premium users.


The GTS is like a marketplace where you barter and trade your Pokemon. You can either place up to three Pokemon (with premium access) into your GTS, specifying a Pokemon you’d like in return, or you can go searching for the Pokemon you’d like to barter for.

Performing a room trade in Pokemon Home.

Friend Trade

Once you’ve added friends to Pokemon Home, you can trade with them.

Make sure to communicate with your friend before you initiate a trade with them. Both users need to consent to a trade before anything happens, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any notification sent when you begin a trade on your own.

Room Trade

Room trades place you and up to 19 others in the same room, where your trading partner is selected at random. Choose the Pokemon that you’re willing to trade away, and a new one will be traded to you from the room trade group.

You can join a free public trade room, a friend’s private trade room, or, if you are a premium subscriber, you can host your own room and invite others to trade with you.

That’s all there is to trading ‘mons in Pokemon Home. If you’re just starting your Pokemon adventures on Nintendo Switch, be sure to check out our comprehensive collections of Sword and Shield walkthrough and help articles, as well as our tips for Let’s GO, to build up your Pokedex and be the best there ever was.

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