Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Beat 7-Star Inteleon Tera Raid Event

Looking to add Mightiest Mark Inteleon to your collection? Here are some battle tips.

Looking to add Mightiest Mark Inteleon to your collection? Here are some battle tips.

Inteleon is the next 7-Star Tera Raid coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With the Ice Tera type, going against it may prove a challenge. Here are the best counters and how to beat Inteleon in the 7-Star Tera Raid battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

How to Beat Inteleon During the 7-Star Tera Raid Event

You may think that since Inteleon’s Tera type for this event is Ice, you can utilize that to your advantage. While Tera type changes the Pokemon’s weaknesses and you can exploit that, it doesn’t change necessarily its moveset.

So Inteleon may still have Water attacks as a majority of its moves. Trying to hit the weaknesses of Ice could be disastrous for Fire Pokemon since Fire is weak to Water. While Steel and Rock are good options to go against Ice Pokemon, they’re weak to Water just like Fire is. 

Inteleon’s Ability and Potential Moveset 

Inteleon will have the Hidden Ability Sniper for this event. Sniper increases Critical Hit damage by 50%, meaning it’ll do 3x the amount of damage instead of just double. Its moveset isn’t known, but potential moves could be: 

  • Snipe Shot
  • Ice Beam
  • Blizzard
  • Air Slash 
  • Snowscape
  • Mist
  • Aqua Ring

There’s a mix of Water and Ice attacks, along with the weather changing move Snowscape. 

Best Counters for Inteleon

Instead of facing down Inteleon with Pokemon only strong against Ice, you’ll want to look at taking Fighting Pokemon into battle with you. Ice is weak to Fighting but it’s not weak to Water. This will keep your Pokemon in fighting form not matter what type of attack is thrown at it. Having Fighting attacks to take advantage of the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), is the best game plan. 

Iron Hands

  • Belly Drum
  • Drain Punch
  • Electric Terrain
  • Close Combat

Electric Terrain is included to replace the effects of Snowscape, negating any Defense bonus Inteleon may have from it.


  • Bulk Up
  • Rage Fist
  • Close Combat
  • Drain Punch


While Koraidon is weak to Ice due to its Dragon dual type, it’s one of the strongest Pokemon to take into Raid Battles. Its Fighting type will give it STAB for any Fighting moves used. It also has access to the Fire moves Flare Blitz and Fire Fang. 

  • Collision Course
  • Drain Punch
  • Flare Blitz
  • Screech

These three Pokemon are your best bet to beat Inteleon during the 7-Star Tera Raid event. Not only can they utilize STAB Fighting attacks, but they can withstand most Tera Raid attackers. For more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet help, check out our guides

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