Pokemon Sun and Moon Super Effective Files: Bewear Spotlight

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Super Effective Files starts with a spotlight on Bewear!

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Super Effective Files starts with a spotlight on Bewear!

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Super Effective Files kicks off with a spotlight on everyone’s new favorite teddy bear, Bewear. They may seem all cute and cuddly, but they are actually very dangerous — especially to their own trainers! It is by accident, but Bewear has been known to to crush trainers when it gives them a hug.

Bewear is a Normal/Fighting type, so it has a 2x weakness to Fairy, Flying, Fighting, and Psychic type moves. It takes half damage from Bug, Rock, and Dark type moves. It is immune to Ghost type moves.

The Power of the Bear

Bewear is a strong physical attacker with a lot of HP. This gives it some nice options when deciding on a moveset. If you get the Fluffy ability, it basically doubles its physical defense.

  • HP: 120
  • Attack: 125
  • Defense: 80
  • Special Attack: 55
  • Special Defense: 60
  • Speed: 60

Stufful is the first form of Bewear and evolves into Bewear at level 27. Bewear has 2 normal abilities, Fluffy and Klutz, and 1 hidden ability, Unnerve.

  • Fluffy – Halves the damage of moves that make direct contact, but doubles the damage it takes from Fire-type moves.
  • Klutz – Cannot receive the benefits of held items, except those that affect experience.
  • Unnerve – The opponent cannot use held Berry items while this Pokemon is in combat. Also makes wild Pokemon more likely to call for help.

The Bear Tank

Fluffy effectively makes Bewear’s base defense 160 instead of 80 since it halves the damage taken. This only for moves that make direct contact, so moves like Earthquakes are not affected. It is still a great ability, and the one I suggest if using this competitively.

Adamant is a great nature to have, but Brave also works since Bewear is slow. In fact, Brave is better if you use moves like Hammer Arm or Payback.

EV Training

For EVs, I would max both Attack and HP since those are its biggest Strength. The extra points should go to Defense since it already has a decent Defense.

pokemon sun and moon bewear stats

Held Item

When using the Fluffy ability, it is good to use an Assault Vest as the held item. This raises the user’s Special Defense by 50%.

Special attacks are a weakness of Bewear, so this Assault Vest will make Bewear take a bunch of damage, while dishing out a lot of its own.


The moveset has multiple options, but I currently use: Thrash, Payback, Ice Punch, and Hammer Arm.

  • Thrash is a very strong Normal attack and it gets STAB since Bewear is Normal.
    • The only problem with Thrash is that it must be used for 2-3 turns, and the user becomes confused afterwards. Double-Edge and Return are other good alternatives.
  • Payback is mostly meant for Physic and Ghost types. It is only better if you go after your target, because then it will double the power to become 100. 
  • Ice Punch is great for taking out many strong Pokemon, including Dragon or Flying threats. You have to breed this on Bewear to get it.
    • Before the Pokemon Bank update, the only way to do this is to get Smeargle to learn Ice Punch and breed it with Stufful/Bewear.

pokemon sun and moon ice punch

  • Hammer Arm is a 100 power Fighting move, but it has 90 accuracy and lowers Speed when used. The only other physical Fighting move with that high of a power is Superpower, which lowers your attack and Defense stats.

Even with Thrash’s drawback, it will take out many Pokemon — and I use it when I know the confusion won’t cost me the match. Double-Edge is good because of the high HP, but you will continually lose health. 

Payback, or any Dark-type move, is not needed, but it helps with type coverage. Bewear’s high HP makes Substitute a good ability and replacement for Payback if you wish.

If you don’t want to breed Ice Punch, Rock-type moves like Rock Slide are a good replacement. This will be strong against Flying and Fire threats, with the latter being useful if you have the Fluffy ability.

This wraps up this week’s Pokemon Sun and Moon Super Effective Files! Let me know what you think or any Pokemon you’d like to see in the future!

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