Pokemon X Y – Furfrou Trims with Pictures

Here is the list of all the currently known Furfrou trims.

Here is the list of all the currently known Furfrou trims.

One of the most anticipated additions to the Pokédex in generation 6 is Furfrou. In Pokémon X & Y, players can customize their beloved Poképoodle with a variety of haircuts.

The players will find the salon called Friseur Furfrou in Lumiose City on Vernal Avenue. They will be able to access this after restoring the Kalos Power Plant.

Standard Furfrou Trim

There are six distinct trims that differ from the original. Pictured above is the original; this is what Furfrou will look like when you catch it in the wild.

Each of the different trims will be available to players for a meager 500 Pokémon Dollars. Also, yes, they are called Pokémon Dollars; stupid, I know.

The first trim is the Heart Trim. This one is pictured in the header; it is the one on the right. The second is the Star Trim, pictured in the middle. The third is the Diamond Trim, pictured on the left.

The next three have not had any official art uploaded on the internet so far. We will be going off of pictures taken with the official Professor Neckbeard Cellular Poképhone, aka a 4-year-old junk piece.


The Pharaoh Trim will make your Furfrou look pyramid-worthy. Command the respect of your followers with this regal trim.

This stylish look is known as the Kabuki Trim. This is probably named as such due to her fan-like tail and head shape. Maybe she just likes Japanese theater.

Lastly, this trime is known as La Reine Trim. A quick google search of the word in English will show you that it means “The Queen.” If you want your Furfrou to look like European royalty (as opposed to Egyptian royalty shown above), give her this one. Or him, because some men make fabulous queens.

Update: GameSkinny poster harry_6025 has informed me that there are three more trims: Matron, Dandy, and Deputante. The list will be updated as soon as possible with pictures to show this.

Furthermore, Neon_4569 has discovered that the trims make Furfrou react differently in Pokemon Amie, changing its preferred scratching spots. Keep this in mind when trying to raise those affection levels.

Does This Form Come With Function?

When it was first shown that Furfrou was going to be given different haircuts, many players speculated this would change the Pokémon’s stats in some way. The Furfrou these haircuts were given to had its stats measured; none of them changed from the application of the haircut itself.

It might be possible that this has an effect on how your Furfrou will gain stats, but that will have to be seen.

Please contribute to Professor Neckbeard’s Pokémon X & Y research by leaving a comment below. Did your Furfrou’s stats level up differently with a new haircut? Does it react differently in Pokémon Amie? Which is your favorite trim?

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