Pokemon X Y – Pokemon Locations Route 10 Through Reflection Cave

Dedenne is the pleasantly plump cousin of Pikachu.

After beating Cyllage City gym leader Grant, you are on your way down Route 10. The journey to the third gym is much shorter than the one to get to the second gym leader in Pokémon X & Y.

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Be a Pokéballer

Although the journey is short, there is still just as much variety as there was in previous routes. Some of these Pokémon are a bit harder to catch than the ones you have previously encountered, so be sure to stock up on a ton of Pokéballs and a few Great Balls for good measure.

You will also want to bring some escape rope for Reflection Cave if you want to have an easy return to Geosenge Town. Of course, don’t forget to bring a variety of potions to heal your team.

Route 10

This route is covered in giant rocks, but don’t let that fool you: there’s not that many rock-types here. This route is very valuable as it contains a few helpful Pokémon for fighting in the next gym.

On 10, you will find Snubbull, Sigilyph, Eevee, Houndour (X Only), Electrike (Y Only), Yanma, Golett, Hawlucha, and Emolga. Sigilyph is a psychic-type, Eevee is normal, Houndour is dark/fire, Electrike is electric, Yanma is bug/flying, Golett is ground/ghost, Hawlucha is fighting/flying, and Emolga is electric flying.

Snubbull used to be a normal-type, but has been changed to a fairy-type in Pokémon X & Y.

Update: Michael_9522 was able to find a horde of Nosepass using Sweet Scent here.

Route 11

This route is a small path that will lead you from Geosenge Town into Reflection Cave. Despite its small size, there are at least six different Pokés waiting for you in the tall grass.

On 11, you will find Nidorino, Sawk, Staravia, Chingling, Dedenne, and Hariyama. Nidorino is a poison-type, Sawk is fighting, Staravia is normal/flying, Chingling is psychic, and Hariyama is fighting.

Dedenne, pictured in the header, makes its first appearance in this generation. It is special because it is an electric/fairy dual type. I recommend picking this up for the next gym.

Also, it’s just really cute.

Update: Michael_9522 has found Stunky, male and female Nidoran, as well as Throh (Y) by using Sweet Scent. Christopher_2176 has furthered this research by finding Sawk (X) and Starly here as well.

Reflection Cave

This beautiful looking cave differs quite a bit from the Glittering Cave players experienced on their way to Cyllage City. The Glittering Cave really banked on the new graphical style to have a sort of over the shoulder walk along narrow paths with preset encounters. Reflection Cave is the same sort of cave players have been experiencing since Generation 1, just with some sweet looking scenery.

In Reflection Cave, players will find Mr. Mime, Roggenrola, Carbinc, Mime Jr., Chingling, Solosis, Woobat, Sableye, and Ferroseed. Roggenrola is a rock-type, Chingling is psychic, Solosis is psychic, Woobat is psychic/flying, Sableye is dark/ghost, and Ferroseed is grass/steel.

Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. are now dual typed as psychic/fairy. Carbinc, a new addition to this generation, is a dual type rock/fairy.

Update: Dyon M. has run into Wobuffet in this cave and reported the finding.

Fairies Coming Out of the Woodwork

Unless this is your first Pokémon game, you know that previous versions of the series did not have fairy-type in them. This new addition has really mixed things up for the good. You will want to stock up on as many fairy-types as possible as it looks like it’s going to be a heck of a type.

There is another reason why you will want to stock up on fairy-type Pokémon sooner rather than later: Korrina the Shalour City Gym Leader. Her special type is fighting.

Fighting-types are weak against both psychic and fairy moves. These two types are in abundance on the aforementioned routes meaning you will have more than enough to make a full team. I suggest picking up at least one fairy and one psychic type to help you on your way.

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