Pokemon X Y – Pokémon Locations Route 4 Through Connecting Cave

Five generations later and they still put Zubats in our caves.

Five generations later and they still put Zubats in our caves.

Are you on your way from the first gym to the second gym and want to know who you should be picking up along the way? Fear not, Professor Neckbeard is here to save the day by giving you the low down on the locations of all the best catches from Route 4 up until you get to Connecting Cave Zubat Roost in Pokémon X & Y.

Disclaimer: I am playing Pokémon X. There are, as always, differences in what you get from one version to the next so some of the ones that show up for me might not show up for you. Furthermore, I might have skipped a few along some of the routes, but I did do my best to try to find as many as I can. If you play Y, please notify me of any differences and I will add them; if I missed anything, say so in the comments and I will update this list.

Bring Your Balls, Bro

I do not know if it is because this is my first time cataloguing the Pokémon I meet on my trips from town to town or because of how long it takes to get to the second gym, but it feels like there are a ton of different Pokés you encounter along the way.

I have one bit of advice to give you if you want to build a good team from Santalune City to Cyllage City: Stock up on Pokéballs! There are too many good Pokémon to ignore.

Route 4

On your way out from Santalune, you will come across two routes: route 4 and route 22. On route 4, you will find Budew, Pikachu, Combee, Flabébé, Ralts, and Skitty. Budew is grass/poison, Pikachu is electric, Combee is bug/flying, Flabébé is fairy, Ralts is a psychic/fairy, and Skitty is normal. If none of these interest you, I would still pick up Flabébé to have a mono-type fairy in your PC.

An informant has come forth with the claim that Ledyba, the bug/flying type, will be found on route 4, as well. Star_3293 confirms this claim.

Route 22

Route 22 will not lead you anywhere in the story if you have only beaten the first gym leader, but it will lead you to the entrance to Victory Road. Along this route, you will find a lot of variety.

Riolu, Dunsparce, Psyduck, Azurill, Bidoof, Litleo, and Bunnelby are yours for the taking here. Riolu is fighting, Dunsparce is normal, Psyduck is water, Azurill is normal/fairy, Bidoof is normal, Litleo is fire/normal, and Bunnelby is normal.

Reports have come in that Farfetch’d, the normal/flying type, can be found here, too.

Route 5

Bunnelby seem to hump like real bunnies which is why they are in route 5, as well. You will also find Abra, Skiddo, FurfrouScraggyGulpin, Doduo, Plusle, and Pancham. Abra is psychic, Skiddo is grass, Furfrou is normal, Scraggy is dark/fighting, Gulpin is poison, Doduo is normal/flying, Plusle is electric, and Pancham is fighting.

If you do not catch an adorable Pancham and fall in love with it, you have no heart.

Just saying.

Update: Star_3293 has informed me that Minun can also be found here, suggesting that maybe X players can find Plusle here and Y Minun.

Route 6

To progress the story at a specific point, you need to visit the Parfum Palace. The route to get there is just a straight path. I had a few encounters along the way, but all of them were Venipede, a bug/poison type. This struck me as odd. If your encounters were different, please let me know.

Update: kaorul has informed me that Audino, the normal type, can be found here, too. AudioBoss says that Oddish, Kecleon, Sentret, Nincada, Espurr, and Honedge “can be found in the grassy area next to the main path.” Star_3293’s findings confirm part of this claim.

Route 7

You will encounter a sleeping normal-type Snorlax here. After waking him or her up, you will have to do battle. Try and save the great ball you, hopefully, received along your way for this. Whittle Snorlax’s health down, ask a friend for a capturing o-power, and keep your fingers crossed that you catch it.

This Snorlax is only level 15 so do be careful. In spite of its low-level, it is not a pushover. It has a large pool of HP as well as both defense curl and amnesia to strengthen its defenses. It will reduce the damage you do to it then try to break you down with lick and tackle. Try paralyzing it, putting it to sleep, or using some other status effect to your benefit in trying to capture it.

Update: AudioBoss has contributed significantly to this route’s findings by encountering Smeargle, Volbeat, Illumise, Roselia, Croagunk, Ducklett, Flabebe, Swirlix (X)and Spritzee (Y). Star_3293 was also able to obtain a Spritzee here.

AudioBoss also found hordes of Psyduck, Hoppip, and Roselia so keep an eye out for those.

Connecting Cave (Route 7 and 8)

On my first visit to the Connecting Cave, subtitled Zubat Roost, I only encountered Zubat, the poison/flying type and a horde of Whismur, all of them normal types. On my second time through, I came across a Meditite, the fighting/psychic type. Mrs. Neckbeard, who is playing Y, came across an Axew, a dinosaur that is a dragon type.

Meditite and Axew are not version exclusives, but I did not come across Axew in X and neither did she with Meditite in Y. These may be exclusive to their respective versions only in those areas.

Update: kaorul has also mentioned that both Axew and Meditite can be found in either version in these areas.

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