Pokemon X Y – Shiny Mega Gengar With Stats, Ability, and Type

Shiny Mega Gengar is one of the spookiest ghost-types you will run into in Kalos.

One of my assistant researchers has contributed something great to the Professor Neckbeard Pokemon X Y guide effort: the image, stats, type, and ability of Shiny Mega Gengar.

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Shown above, Shiny Mega Gengar is white, almost clear. She also has a sort of pink or purple tint to her around the arm area.

The pictured Gengar is level 38. It has a brave nature. Its base stats are 99/67/53/106/72/85. Its ability is levitate when it is regular Gengar.

When it turns into Mega Gengar, its stats turn into 99/67/68/136/87/99. This shows an increase in defense, special attack, special defense, and speed. The biggest increase is to special attack with it increasing by 30, followed by defense and special defense both increasing by 15, and lastly speed increasing by just 14.

Before Pokemon X Y came out, fans speculated that Mega Gengar would be ghost/psychic. This ended up being false. It is a ghost/poison type in its mega form.

Its ability changes to shadow tag when it is mega evolved. This nature prevents one’s enemy from escaping. Opponent trainers will not be able to switch out Pokemon when fighting this form.

Thanks go out to tentaclemobster, the proud owner of this Shiny Mega Gengar. Quite possibly one of the best looking mega forms in all of Pokemon X Y.

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