Pokemon X Y Super Training Walkthrough

Everything you need to know about Super-Training straight from the Neckbeard's mouth.

Everything you need to know about Super-Training straight from the Neckbeard's mouth.

Super Training is the wonderful new way in Pokemon X Y to both keep track and raise your Pokemon’s Effort Values (EVs.) If you don’t know what EVs are, check out this (soon to be written) guide.

In previous versions of the game, there were roundabout ways to keep track of a Pokemon’s EVs. Now, with the addition of Super Training in Pokemon X Y, the player is able to do this very simply.

The Basics

Super Training can be accessed on the bottom screen of the DS. It is to the right of Pokemon-Amie and to the left of the Player Search System.

From here, you will see a little screen with a grid background, a UI, and your Pokemon party in it. In the UI, you will see…

  • the display which shows your Pokemon‘s name
  • the punching bag
  • the Pokemon that is selected and its stats on a diagram
  • the bar that shows you complete or incomplete your EV training is 
  • the mini-game icon
  • the rest of your party
  • the bag selection button
  • the basic menu features.

The most important part of this menu is the part displaying your Pokemon and its EVs. The next two most important bits are the button for mini-games and the button for the punching bags.

The Mini-Game

We have come to the most important part of Super Training: the mini-games. The mini-games are the main way you will be leveling up your Pokemon’s EVs.

The game revolves around you controlling your Pokemon on a platform that will move around. You have to shoot balls at Balloon Bots designed after Pokemon.

There are six different stats and three different tiers leading to a total of eighteen different stages. The first tier will boost your Pokemon’s EVs by 4, the second tier will do it by 8, and the third and final tier will boost them by 12.

To unlock the second tier, you must complete each of the stages in the first tier at least once. To unlock the third tier, you must complete each of the stages in the second tier at least once. I suggest using a Pokemon whose stats you do not care about to unlock the third tier of stages.

The mini-game itself ranges from a breeze to somewhat difficult depending on the stage. There are different shots you can make that will make a difference in point accumulation: some stages are better suited for charge shots (holding down the stylus on the screen) and you should generally let the circle at the bottom fill up to have your balls earn the most points (or at least the in-game tutorial tells you; the difference I noted was miniscule if non-existent.)

After beating the stages, you will earn training bags which can be used in the main part of the Super Training UI. Most of these bags are for increasing your Pokemon’s EVs even more. You can either let them beat the bag on their own or tap on the bag with your stylus to help them attack it.

List of Bags

There are three different types of each bag. The size of the bag is dependent upon whether or not you completed the mini game well.

  • HP Bag S, M, L: Increases your HP +1, +4, or +12
  • Attack Bag S, M, L: Increases your ATK +1, +4, or +12
  • Defense Bag, S, M, L: Increases your DEF +1, +4, or +12
  • Speed Bag S, M, L: Increases your SPD +1, +4, or +12
  • Special Attack Bag S, M, L: Increases your Sp. ATK +1, +4, or +12
  • Special Defense Bag S, M, L: Increases your Sp. DEF +1, +4, or +12

In addition to the bags which increase your EVs, there are some other bags, as well. Here are their names along with their accompanying in-game text:

  • Strength Bag: Successful shots will award more points in the Pokemon’s next Super-Training Regimen
  • Reset Bag: Completely resets all of the base stats of a Pokemon
  • Toughen-Up Bag: Makes Balloon Bots’ shots less effective in the Pokemon’s next Super-Training Regimen.
  • Double-Up Bag: Doubles base-stat increases the next time the Pokemon takes on a Super-Training Regimen.
  • Team Flare Bag: For some reason, knocking the stuffing out of this Team Flare-themed bag just feels so good. (Makes your Pokemon want to defeat the training bags.)

There are three more that I do not have in my inventory and for now will just go off of Serebii’s description of them:

  • Soothing Bag: Makes your Pokemon’s happiness go up
  • Swiftness Bag: Increases the speed of your Pokemon in the next Super-Training Regimen
  • Big Shot Bag: Increases your likelihood of making goals in the next Super-Training Regimen.

It should be pointed out how wonderful it is that we now have a reset bag. Back in the day, the methods ranged from non-existent to limited depending on the generation.

Bonus Stages

There are several bonus stages that you can unlock if you have a Pokemon with maxed out EVs. These bonus stages will give you training bags and, sometimes, special items like things for your Pokemon to hold in combat or evolution stones.

More information on these stages will be added here later along with photos and information on what they drop.

Do you have any questions or comments about Super Training? Let me know in the comments section and I will do my best to help. If you want more helpful information and tips, check out Professor Neckbeard’s Pokemon X Y walkthrough.

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