Raft: How to Make Trash Cubes

Here's how to make a Recycler and get Trash Cubes in Raft.

Here's how to make a Recycler and get Trash Cubes in Raft.

Raft‘s official release adds many new locations, creatures, and items, but perhaps most importantly, there’s a new in-game currency known as Trash Cubes, which can be crafted from various materials. This guide will tell you how to get Trash Cubes, including which crafting station you’ll need and which materials you’ll have to scrounge up. 

How to Make a Recycler

Trash Cubes are made in the Recycler, a new station added in Raft: The Final Chapter. You’ll need a blueprint to build this station, and it can be obtained from the Radio Tower. To get to the Radio Tower, you’ll need to craft a Receiver and three Antennas, which can be crafted at the Research Table. Lastly, you’ll need a battery to power the receiver. Here are the recipes: 

Research Table crafting recipe:

  • 14 Planks.
  • 2 Scrap.

Receiver crafting recipe:

  • 8 Planks.
  • 6 Plastic.
  • 2 Circuit Boards.
  • 1 Hinge.

Antenna crafting recipe:

  • 4 Scrap.
  • 1 Circuit Board.
  • 1 Bolt.

Battery crafting recipe:

  • 1 Copper Ingot.
  • 6 Plastic.
  • 3 Scrap.

Once you’ve crafted those items, follow these steps to find the Radio Tower’s location:

  1. Place one Receiver on the raft.
  2. Power the Receiver with the Battery.
  3. Place one Antenna at least two blocks away and one block above the Receiver.
  4. Place your second Antenna at least three blocks away from the first Antenna and two blocks away from the Receiver.
  5. Place your third Antenna at least three blocks away from the other two antennas and two blocks away from the Receiver.

The Receiver will show the location of the Radio Tower on the screen once you have the correct configuration. Go there to pick up the Recycler blueprint from the top floor. Here’s how to build the Recycler:

  1. Gather the following items:
    • 6 Plastic.
    • 4 Metal Ingots.
    • 2 Bolts.
    • 2 Hinges.
    • 1 Circuit Board.
  2. Open the Research Table.
  3. Place the Recycler blueprint into the Research slot.
  4. Press the “Research” button.
  5. Press the “Learn” button next to the Recycler item.

Crafting Trash Cubes

Once the Recycler has been crafted, place it on your raft, and insert a fresh battery. Now you can start making Trash Cubes.

To make a single Trash Cube, load the Recycler with one of the following items (the necessary quantities are in parentheses):

  • Stone (50x).
  • Plastic (30x).
  • Palm Leaf (30x).
  • Feather (30x).
  • Wood Plank (20x).
  • Seaweed (15x).
  • Rope (15x).
  • Nail (15x).
  • Vine Goo (12x).
  • Clay (10x).
  • Sand (10x).
  • Scrap (10x).
  • Glass (8x).
  • Leather (6x).
  • Ore (5x).
  • Dirt (5x).
  • Giant Clam (5x).
  • Ingot (4x).
  • Bolt (4x).
  • Hinge (4x).
  • Brick (3x).
  • Wool (2x).

Wool is probably the most efficient material for crafting Trash Cubes. This resource can be obtained from the llamas, which can be farmed and sheared. It takes roughly 10 real-time minutes to craft one Trash Cube.

You can travel to any big island with a trading post and use Trash Cubes to purchase upgrade materials, fishing baits, and other necessary survival items. And that’s everything you need to know on how to get Trash Cubes in Raft

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