Raid: Shadow Legends — Best Champions Tier List (August 2023)

Here are the best champions in our Raid: Shadow Legends tier list guide, which includes their best abilities and synergies.

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There are 15 factions and over 250 champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. Some of the champions are especially effective against bosses, while others work better in the Dungeons or Arena battles. But, there’s also a small fraction of champions that can do no wrong in any of the game modes. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best champions in Raid: Shadow Legends, including their best abilities and synergies.

Best Champions Tier List in Raid: Shadow Legends

Here’s a short list of all the best champions in our tier list guide to Raid: Shadow Legends:

  • S-Tier Champions:
    • Zavia
    • Martyr
  • A-Tier Champions:
    • Prince Kymar
    • Rae
  • B-Tier Champions:
    • Arbiter
    • Sir Nicholas
    • Lyssandra

S-Tier Champions


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Zavia isn’t just a fantastic DPS character, she’s also a strong team buffer! Her AURA increases the ATK of all allies by 33%, and her Transfix and Poison Rain skills apply the Poison status effect to all affected enemies. But her best ability is Deadly Catalyst, which attacks all enemies affected by the Poison status effect, and any that die to it can’t be revived. I also recommend pairing Zavia with Belanor for a synergy that removes debuffs from an ally and spreads them on all enemies instead.


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While Zavia is an essential offensive champion, Martyr is just as amazing for your party’s defenses. Her AURA reflects Zavia’s passive skill, but instead of granting all teammates attack power, Martyr grants a 33% bonus to all ally defenses. She also has an active defense buff in the form of the Bastion of Faith ability, which grants another 60% bonus to your team’s defenses. With such skills as Rush and Suppression, you can easily debuff the enemy’s attack and defensive stats.

A-Tier Champions

Prince Kymar

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Although Prince Kymar has a very imposing design, he actually stays behind the scene and supports his teammates. But his support is quite important, especially when you apply his Seal of Magic ability, which resets all ally cooldown times and fills their Turn Meters by 20%. Trying to complete high-level arena battles would be really hard without this skill. On top of that, Prince Kymar can poison your enemies and even put them to sleep with the help of such abilities as Phantom Fire and Abyssal Gaze.


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Rae is excellent for the Dungeon runs, as her abilities are designed to work in synergy with each other. First, I suggest applying her Corrode and Banish debuffs to all enemies, which decreases their defenses and freezes them. Her Arcane Wave ability can then be used to increase her damage by 50% on all enemies that got affected by her own or another teammate’s debuffs. Lastly, her AURA automatically grants your allies a 33% speed boost within Dungeons.

B-Tier Champions


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Arbiter is a decent supporter with some useful buff and debuff skills. But I found her Destiny’s Call ability truly exciting, as she can revive all her dead allies with 35% of their max HP. Additionally, if the revive was successful, Arbiter gets an extra turn to keep that support train running. But as I already mentioned, her other skills, such as Gaze of Justice and Mentor of Heroes are quite subpar in comparison to Prince Kymar’s support skills.

Sir Nicholas

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Sir Nicholas of the Sacred Order is nothing else but a pure healer. If you don’t want to bring Arbiter into your party, then this is your next best alternative. Although he can’t revive allies, his AURA increases the HP of all allies by 33%, and his Goodwill ability provides a continuous heal to each of his teammates during all types of battles. You could also utilize his Polar Protection shield skill, which grants extra 30% protection, and even freeze enemies via his Boreal Blade skill.


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Speaking of pure proficiencies, Lyssandra is your relentless debuffer, doing everything she can to make the lives of your enemies miserable. I’d start with her Energize ability, which reduces the Turn Meter of all your enemies by 30%, and then apply Transference, which transfers debuffs from an ally champion to an enemy. If you want to fully deplete the Turn Meter of one specific enemy, then I suggest using the Exhaustion skill instead.

That’s it for our tier list of the best champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. Stay tuned for more Raid: Shadow Legends tips and tricks articles right here.

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