Rainbow Six Extraction: Best REACT Gadgets & Tech

You need every advantage to defeat the Archaean in Rainbow Six Extraction. That starts with picking the right REACT gadgets.

You need every advantage to defeat the Archaean in Rainbow Six Extraction. That starts with picking the right REACT gadgets.

The best REACT gadgets laboratory tech engineers can design in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction can help you clear even the most difficult Incursions in quarantine zones. There are many pieces of tech to choose from, and you won’t unlock most of them until you advance your Milestone progression level.

To help you sort through all of the tech at your disposal, here are our picks for the best REACT gadgets in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Best REACT Gadgets & Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction

REACT Gadget: XR Drone

Information is king in R6E, and nothing collects information like the upgraded XR recon drone. Not only can you drive it around to locate your objectives while you and your squad remain safely undetected, but this handy robot also comes with a scan pulse, putting it atop the list of the best REACT gadgets.

At short intervals, the XR Drone REACT gadget will ping enemies in a short radius, even through walls. It’s brilliantly useful, and something at least one member of every team should carry.  

REACT Gadget: Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are the very first piece of tech you get in Rainbow Six Extraction, and they are also the most useful outside of the XR Drone. Smoke will completely disrupt enemy sightlines, so you can sneak from point A to point B without worry of losing health and, potentially, going MIA.

These also overwhelm the senses of Archæans, creating a window for you to instantly take one down even if you have been spotted. This is especially useful during the Biopsy objective, where you need to use your takedown on a special elite enemy. With all of those possibilities, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best REACT gadgets.

REACT Gadget: Field Wall

Some objectives, such as Shut Down or Serial Scan, require you to hold specific points in sub-zones while a raging hoard of Archæans tries to tear you and your team of Operators limb from limb. That is where Field Wall comes in.

This deployable cover tech is one of the best REACT gadgets because it blocks all incoming ranged attacks but allows your bullets to pass through. Drop a few Field Walls and your squad is safe to unload on enemies that have to run right into your bullets in order to do any damage. 

REACT Gadget: Scan Grenade 

Nothing makes an incursion go sour faster than breaching a room and being surprised by enemies or traps. This can lead to precious health getting depleted fast (if that happens, here’s how to get it back).

Scan grenades are the ultimate tool for avoiding that fate. Throw these REACT gadgets, and after they land, they will mark everything of note in a wide radius. You can throw these through doors, windows, even shoot some holes in breakable walls and let them fly.

Knowing exactly how many Archæans, nests, and spores are around each corner can make all the difference between success and failure — and keeping your Operators alive.  

REACT Gadget: Paralysis Grenade

Aliens are vicious, especially on higher-level Incursions; sometimes they will just be too numerous and fierce to be dealt with easily. That is, unless you have a paralysis grenade.

Throw one of these and an entire group of Archæans will be immobilized and weakened. An unyielding chokepoint becomes a walk in the park, and this can be the REACT gadget that turns the tide in a pitched battle, especially against the more powerful enemies.  

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